November 8, 2020

Web: Italcraft New Web Site

Italcraft from Italy presents its new World wide web showroom.  Founded in 1955 by brothers Sergio and Mario Sonnino Sorisio, in a shed just at the outskirts of Rome, Italcraft will become over the years one of the most innovative boat builders featuring some World first to what regards hull design, propulsion, and materials used for the construction of boats.  In 1958 Italcraft moves production on Lake Bracciano and in 1961 the company opens a showroom in the capital city.  Italcraft will need more space again and in 1969 moves south to the Italian capital city, in Gaeta province of Latina, a place Italcraft as at today still calls home. Innovation has always been key to Italcraft since its inception with a lot of World first being key to its startling success, starting from the end fifties with the wood build Sea Skiff model featuring the first round bilge planning hull. In the seventies Italcraft presents the Renato Sonny Levi designed Drago, the first boat designed with a variable Vee shaped hull, equipped with surface drives and at the time also the fastest diesel boat in production.   The Drago also represented a World first in building materials being constructed with Kevlar 49 and Carbon fibre.  The Aermar 36 model continues the thirst of innovation also featuring a World first being the first boat equipped with propeller tunnels.  In the eighties Italcraft builds Seppietta a Military Patrol cruiser capable of carrying ten people which is unsinkable, self righting, and classified as an all weather boat.  In 1985 Italcraft launches the M-78 which was at the time the fastest and largest yacht of its size reaching max speeds up to 56 knots.  In the mid nineties Italcraft closes its doors only to be purchased in 1996 by the neighbouring Cantieri Navali dell Golfo. Immediately the production of F38, C45, and C58 is resumed with the completely new 38 Sarima launched in 1998.  A model which is at today still in production. In 2006 Italcraft is taken over by the Inrizzardi Group, which bring a new development spell in craft over seventy feet with the introduction of the 105 and 90 feet models. The recession of 2008 makes Italcraft close its doors in 2013 only for the company to open again with the new management in 2015.  Italcraft top selling model has been the 1965 launched 25 feet Sarima sold in seven hundred units built of wood and featuring a deep Vee hull with a twenty degrees deadrise aft and two spray rails, followed by the 16 meter Blue Marlin sold in 105 units. Currently Italcraft is producing three models; 38 Sarima, 54 Ipanema, and 105 Maxi Drago which is at today still its largest ever build and so far delivered in five units.  Italcraft new website is currently available only in Italian language and takes you around with the following buttons; Home, Azienda (Company), Yachts, Refitting, and Contatti (Contacts).            

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