October 16, 2022

Web: Fairline New Web Site

Fairline one of Britain's famous pleasure boat and yacht builders presents its new World web showroom. The story of Fairline starts in 1963 when Jack Newington purchases unused gravel pits by the river Nene and transforms them into Oundle marina. Four years later to this in 1967 the first Fairline 19 feet river cruiser is produced in fiberglass. Seven years after the first boat is built the 32 Phantom is produced which is followed in 1977 by the 40, the longest ever produced Fairline in time model making eleven years of production till the final Mk.IV version. In 1981 Fairline produces another successful model with the aft cabin 36 Turbo, which will also mark the start of Bernard Olseinski as head designer and naval architect lasting till 2012.  Olesinski will for 31 years design all Fairline models, replaced in 2012 by Vripack. 1985 marks another important Fairline evolution with the presentation of the first generation Targa 33, a name which since the nineties represents all the sports series within the brand. After knocking on the yacht world in 1986 with the 50, in 1991 Fairline presented the 62 Squadron, a name which becomes a series for the large yachts and from 2010 will represent all the flybridge models.  In 2001 Fairline expands to a new 60,000 square foot facility fully completed two years later. In 2003 Fairline makes two important milestones; the launch of it's ten thousand boat a 65 Squadron, and the launch of the Squadron 74 flagship, which in 2007 evolved as the 78 Custom and is the largest build to date produced till 2018 for 115 units. In 2004 Fairline presents the new Gran Turismo hard top version of its Targa series, with the launch of the first generation 62. By 2012 Fairline had build over 12000 boats this number reached in 2010 with the delivery of a second generation 55 Squadron.  Fairline has over the years received various prizes; 1986 and 2008 Queens Award for Export, 2007 the Targa 38 and Squadron 68 and in 2020 the F//Line 33 win IPC Motorboat of the Year, Targa 63/65 GTO in 2017 and Targa 43/45 GTO in 2018 and Squadron 68 in 2019 win the World Yacht Trophies.  After the retirement of founder owner Sam Newington in 1996 Fairline had many owners first sold to Renwick Group, then in 2005 to 3i Investments, and 2011 to Better Capital. In the fall of 2015 Fairline goes in administration with two British resident Russians Alexander Volov and Igor Glyanenko buying it in early 2016, in 2020 RiverRock buys a majority stake, which in 2021 sells to Hannover with the Russian duo still believed to be minor share holders.  After 2016 and the new Russian ownership Fairline has been reinventing itself, first giving design duties to Italian Alessandro Mancini, and then back in 2021 returning it fully inhouse to Andy Pope who penned most of the models from 1993 to 2014.  Fairline currently offers thirteen models into four series; F-Line, Targa, Phantom, and Squadron, which start at 33 feet with the F//Line 33 introduced in 2019 and go up to the Squadron 68, with its latest model being the 2022 launched Phantom 65. Fairline's new website takes you around with the following buttons; Yachts, Find a Dealer, Latest News, Events, Destinations, Playlists, Pre-Owned, Our Story, Fairline Marina, Contact Us, Careers, Dealership Opportunities, Privacy Policy, and Terms and Conditions.  Fairline is also on social media with buttons at the bottom of the page taking you to its Linkedin, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram pages.  

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