October 2, 2022

Hurricane Ian

Hurricane Ian is the ninth named storm and fourth hurricane of 2022.  Ian originated from a tropical wave which formed on 19 September on Windward Islands before moving to the Caribbean sea where it brought wind and heavy rain to the ABC Islands, Trinidad and Tobago, and North coasts of Venezuela and Columbia on September 21-22 where it became a storm.  As it neared the Cayman Islands Ian reached hurricane grade three hitting Cuba, Southern East gulf of Mexico, and Dry Tortugas.  As it entered into Florida on 28 September Hurricane Ian hit high end grade four status, causing tremendous damage to South-West Florida especially to the cities of Fort Myers and Naples. After this damage Hurricane Ian returned to the Atlantic Ocean where it weakened for a couple of hours to a tropical storm, where it has returned to a Hurricane Two status touching the Carolinas on October one.  Hurricane Ian dissipated on second October. Hurricane Ian has killed at least 88 people, and has displaced over forty thousand.  Ian is considered the fifth deadliest storm to have hit the United States of America mainland, with sustained 75 gusting to ninety, and peaking 134 knots winds, with its heavy flooding and storm surge causing billions of US dollars in damage.
Hurricane Ian caused damage to over a hundred of boats and yachts, to what is the most boat and yacht rich state in the United States and the World; Florida.  Pictured above is the Legacy Marina in Fort Myers, so far the worst reported extensive single area damaged.  Other damage is also reported in Venice, Florida and all the canals and small marina around the area of Fort Myers. 

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