October 3, 2022

Yacht Falls During Lift Out Operation in Leros Marina Greece

A 23 meter explorer yacht build of steel titled m/y Nephele, fell during lift out operations at Leros Marina, on the Aegean island of Lakki, Greece, on the morning of third October.  According to reports from witnesses the steel cable broke during lift out operation, resulting in the yacht partly falling into the water from a height of about two meters. Luckily for the yacht it was also the forward part which fell, as if this was the stern the damage might have been much worse, with this fall out only doing some minor cosmetic scratches when the cable fell on the fore-deck.  Following the accident the yacht was also checked and sea trial tested with no damage reported.
The explorer yacht in this drop is a Dutch build Laky Verf 23M as designed by Guido de Groot, with naval architecture by Martin de Jager.  The 23M offers a three double cabins guest accommodation plus a one berth crew cabin, and is powered by twin Volvo 550hp for a top speed up to twelve knots.  Released in 2005, the Laky Verf 23M has been so far delivered in six units.

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