October 28, 2022

Sport Yacht Saved from Fire in Miami Beach Marina

A 21 meter Lazzara sport yacht with twelve persons onboard went inflames while on charter duty in Miami Beach Marina near Government Cut on Friday 28 October at around 1200 hours.  As the fire was averted the captain of the charter yacht made the guests jump in the water from the bow with assistance by a small tender who came from a nearby yacht.  Fire fighting crews rushed to the scene and saved the sport yacht from going fully ablaze, possibly living another day after an important refit.  The cause of the fire is unknown though unconfirmed news are reporting it started from a generator.  Surprisingly the guests who travelled for this retreat to Miami continued the fun on another yacht.
The sport yacht in this fire is a Lazzara LSX 75, a model the USA boat builder produced from 2006 till 2009 in fifteen units.  The Lazzara LSX 75 has interior with three double cabins, plus a crew cabin for two.  The Lazzara LSX 75 was also nick named the Quad for its innovative at the time quadruple Volvo 435hp with IPS pod drives set up, which in 2006 also made her the largest IPS pod drive yacht.  The LSX 75 was replaced by the LSX 78 in 2010.

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