June 1, 2017

Not a Boat Show

Some boat show organizers and or stands seem to have a total wrong idea what a boating exhibition is about, making it not friendly for visitors to visit boats on show, or the show itself.  The question comes automatic, should this elitism in a boating exhibition open for everyone exist?
Case in point one is for the new Italian boat show Versilia in the Super Yacht capital of the Mediterranean Viareggio.  This was a very interesting first event, attended by some of Italy's most popular names as Azimut-Benetti, Ferretti Group, the Gavio Group and his Baglietto, Cerri and Bertram brands, Apreamare, and the British Princess.  The location was spot on and since the late eighties I have always asked why the Viareggio boat show project was abandoned.  But on social media the event was clouded by a bad publicity of elitism and for a 22 EURO ticket which did not allow a re-entry once you left the interesting but so far small boat show.
Point case two, Fairline and its impossible to view boats on show.  Now this has been going on for years and even after ownership and management changes at the British builder it does not know how to stop. It seems that unless you have some connection with any of the Fairline staff visiting one of there boats on a show is very hard.  I do not know the reason for this but at this stage the legit question is why Fairline bothe7rs with boat shows. 

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