June 26, 2017

Engine: FNM 20 HPE 175hp

FNM 20HPE is a four cylinder engine based on the platform Family B GM, which equips a large number of small and medium cars in Europe. The engine uses a common-rail injection system electronically controlled by a proprietary control unit, configured specifically for this engine. The engine is compact and powerful, and its widespread use is a symbol of reliability and availability of spare parts.  Whether it is rated for recreational use, where the engine reaches up to 175hp, or to one of the rating for commercial use, where this engine is capable of performing up to 3000 hours per year, this unit provides performance in every operating condition.  The electronic control unit (ECU) is the result of a development lasted ten years by the electronic department of CMD and is expressly designed for marine application of HPE engines. The control unit controls the components of the Bosch common rail system. The ECU also includes unique control strategies, such as flame failure in gear engagement situations for high inertia installations or rapid gear changes, and in any case ensures high performance in emission limits.

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