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July 25, 2021

Bertram New Web Site

Legendary boat builder Bertram founded in 1961 updates its website to a new platform. The story of Bertram starts in 1960 when the 31 Moppie is launched and raced by Richard Bertram during the Miami Nassau winning the event in one of the worst sea conditions in the race history and setting a new record of under four minutes to the previous one.  It is a year later to this that Richard Bertram presents the fiberglass build 31 Moppie a production run of the racing prototype 1960 model which was build of wood.  After the launch Bertram becomes a division of Nautec, a change of ownership follows in 1968 becoming part of the Whittaker Corporation, in 1985 Investcorp buy 45% share interests and finalizes a full purchase in 1987, in 1989 New York investment company G.L Ohrstorm buys the brand, 1992 sees Gruppo Varasi take over, Intek buys the company in 1997, and then Ferretti Group take over in 1998 till 2015.  Gavio the new owners purchase Bertram without its Miami facility in 2015, and since then bought a new Tampa Florida location, and design complete new models starting with a 35 designed by Michael Peters, a model which reminisces the legendary 31.  Apart from the 1960 legendary start win Bertram has had many highlights in its years from winning races; 1962 Miami Nassau, 1964 Viareggio Bastia, 1965 Cowes Torquay and Miami Key West, all these with Richard on the helm who retires in 1966 but returns for a small stint in the 1969 Miami Nassau.  Other Bertram highlights are the numbers of its construction building its thousand hull in 1971.  Bertram has also had important flagships in its run from the 58 Convertible launched in 1977 with an aluminium super structure, the 72 Convertible in 1989, and the 800 in 2010.  Bertram has also presented some models which are the benchmarks from the 1960 31 which was the model of the brand and produced for sixteen years to 1860 units, to the 28 launched in 1971 built in 2200 units, to the 1981 launched 54 which sets a bench mark in 50 plus feet sportfish yachts.  Currently Bertram has six models staring with the 2021 launched 28 CC, to the 61 flagship launched in 2018.  Bertram latest model is the 28 CC, which follows the the 39 CC and sees the famed builder enter the outboard centre console market. Bertram new website takes you around with the following buttons; Models, News and Events, Request Info, Find a Dealer, Contact Us, and Shop.  Bertram web site also features links to its social medias hubs; Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, located at the right bottom corner of the page.
Production History;
31 Sportfisherman 1961-83 (1937) *all six versions *Moppie wooden prototype
31 Express 1962-70 (1937) *all six versions
25 1962-66 (1983)
38 1963-67
20 1963-69 (1265)
35 1967-70
37 Tri-Cabin 1967-70
35 Sportfisherman 1970-80
38 (ii) 1970-76
46 Convertible/III 1971/86-87 Dave Napier design era starts
46 Motor Yacht 1971-87
28 Flybridge 1971-94 (2200)
28 Sportfisherman 1971-83
42 Motor Yacht 1973-87
26 Sportfisherman 1975-84
26 Moppie 1976-84
26 Sport Convertible 1976-84
26 Hardtop 1976-84
58 Motor Yacht 1976-86
42 Convertible 1976-87 (329)
58 Convertible 1977-84
33 Flybridge Cruiser 1977-87 (350+) includes 33 Sport Fisherman and ii
38 Convertible III 1978-86 (331)
33 Sport Fisherman 1979-92 (350+) includes 33 Flybridge Cruiser and ii
35 Convertible (ii) 1981-86
54 1981-92 (177) *includes second version
30 Express Cruiser 1984-85
30 Flybridge Cruiser 1984-85
38 Special 1985-89
31 Silver Anniversary 1986 (23)
37 Convertible 1986-93
28 Moppie 1987-94
50 Convertible 1987-96
33 ii 1988-92 (350+) includes 33 Flybridge Cruiser and Sport Fisherman
43 Convertible 1988-96
72 Convertible 1989-92
60 Convertible/Enclosed Bridge 1990/95-2004
43 Moppie 1993-97 (12)
46 Convertible mk.2 1995-97
30 Moppie 1996-98 (20)  
36 Moppie 1996-2000 *35 Moppie project
54 1996-2001 (177) *includes first version
510 1999-08 (50+-) Zuccon design era starts *Ferretti Group ownership
390 2000-07
450 2000-08
670 2002-06
570 2002-08 (50+-)
630 2004-10 (30+-)
360 2005-10
410 2007-13
700 2007-12
540 2009-12
511 2009-12
800 2010-12 (2)
64 2012-14
35 2016- (30  Gavio Group ownership
61 Convertible 2018- (5 *project 58
50 Sport 2020-
39 CC 2020-
28 CC 2021-

February 11, 2021

Improve-it = Bertram 61 Convertible

Spiral stair cases taking you from the aft main deck to the flybridge are today very common in flybridge motor cruisers and yachts since they where introduced in the early mid nineties.  But on sportfish cruisers and yachts, they are not so common mostly because they eat cockpit space which on battlewagon is always very important especially in the fishing battle situations.  With around half of sportfishing cruisers and yachts being used as mostly cruising boats, there is always an exception to the rule and here we are seeing the Cad design of a Bertram 61 ordered with a custom made spiral stair case.  Designed by Michael Peters the Bertram 61 was introduced in 2018, and is the heir to the legendary 54 model which changed the sportfishing world from 1981 onwards.   

February 17, 2020

New Model: Bertram 50 Hardtop

It is magic when a new Bertram model is out, and here is hull one of the first 50 making its first sea trial before being presented at the 2020 Miami boat show.  Hull one of the Bertram 50 was fitted as a cruiser version, meaning no tower and outriggers.  The 50 is a sleek machine which pays a lot of respect to the history of Bertram, see broken shear line, and important fore deck.  But the new Bertram also looks at the future with a variety of options and apart the sportfish or cruiser fittings, the 50 will also be available in an Open variant, while the Hardtop version can also be specified with a fully enclosed patio door.  The Bertram 50 features a lower deck layout with galley, saloon dinette, two cabins, and two heads; owners cabin forward with en-suite bath to starboard, guest cabin with twin bunk berths to port and private shower head.  The Bertram 50 is powered by twin Cats 1150hp and at testing hull one has peaked at a whooping 43 knots.      
Technical Data:
LOA - 16 m (51.6ft)
Waterline Length - 15.2 m
Beam - 5.3 m
Draft - 1.27 m
Displacement - 28.7 t full load
Fuel Capacity - 4679 l
Water Capacity - 454 l
Accommodation - four berths in two cabins
Engines - 2 x Cats C18 1150hp
Propulsion - line shaft
Hull Shape - modified Vee with 19 degrees deadrise aft
Project - Micheal Peters

July 3, 2019

Improve-it = Bertram 35

The Bertram 35 has been a catalyst for the return of possibly the most legendary of all brands.  Designed by fast hull specialist Micheal Peters the Bertram 35 launched in 2016 mirrors in style the legendary Ray Hunt designed 31 of which hundreds of units where delivered and was the boat which started the Deep Vee hull era which still continues today and most of us love.  Now arriving in over twenty units sold in a production which started in 2016, the Bertram 35 shows flexibility with the option of having larger fuel tanks of 1514 liters from the standard 1173.   The Bertram 35 is a modern retro sportfish cruiser at its best and features a forward cabin, dinette and galley on the main deck, and huge aft deck.  The Bertram 35 is powered by Cats 507hp or Yanmar 440hp engines with traditional line shaft propulsion.

August 9, 2018

New Model: Bertram 61

Since Bertram started the Gavio ownership in 2015 the company first two models have been about reinventing the classic icons of the flying eagle, which made it legendary over the years and decades which has passed since 1960.  The first model to launch from Gavio was the 35 which paid homage to the legendary 31 sold in over a thousand units and also the first Bertram model to be produced when it all started in 1960.  Fast forward to 2018 and Gavio's Bertram second new 61 model is again inspired to the second most important icon in the flying eagle portfolio of legends, the early eighties and till end nineties produced 54.  Designed as the new 2016 launched 35 by Micheal Peters the new Bertram 61 started life as a 58 project, then it became a 60, and ultimately a 61.  The 61 is not just a new badge inspired 54 though, we see Bertram and Micheal Peters bring new cruiser elements to the genre and something which might make the competition have a thought or two.  Hull one of the Bertram 61 features a full wrap around wind screen which give very nice views from the living saloon area, an element which entertainers will like but usually sport-fishermen are not to keen on due to the structural integrity this will give over time.  The Bertram 61 also challenges again the genre below deck, with three guest cabins three heads accommodation layout which includes a full beam midships located owners stateroom.  With the 61 Bertram have a winning model and I see it being very successful in the more entertainment less sport fishing market, for the hardcore sport-fisherman I think the road ahead is longer, but also possible thanks to the Micheal Peters designed hull shape which automatically rates it high in the performance department.  What the Bertram 61 brings is a new option to buyers and a breath of fresh design solutions in the eighteen meter flybridge sportfish yacht, see full wrap around windscreen, and full beam owners cabin.  The others do not have these, the Bertram 61 has.
Technical Data:
LOA - 18.61 m (61.1ft)
Waterline Length - 16.3 m
Beam - 5.56 m
Draft - 1.11 m
Displacement - 41934 kg full load
Fuel Capacity - 6510 l
Water Capacity - 1059 l
Accommodation - six berths in three cabins
Engines - 2 x Cats C32 1900hp
Propulsion - line shaft
Construction - infused glass-fiber with Vinilester resin, all solid glass bottom with Kevlar reinforcements in center-line,  strake and structural grid
Project - Micheal Peters

March 19, 2018

Project: Bertram 50

While Bertram continues to enjoy success with the 35 it launched in 2016, and its over ten units so far delivered all around the globe, the legendary name continues to look forward not only with the launch of the 61 planned for later on in 2018, but with this new 50 project.  So far Bertram is being very tight lipped about the Bertram 50 project.  What we can see and understand is that she will be a three part hard top sportfish yacht looking to compete in this ever growing segment.  The design of this new model is full of praise for the old Bertram see shear line, while the coach roof and hard top hint to a conservative look.    

January 20, 2017

Improve-it = Bertram 35

In the upcoming Miami boat show 2017, Bertram will confirm to its fans that the 2016 new launched 35 is at heart an offshore fishing machine.  Hull one of the first 35 built in Maine, was ultimately outfitted to go in Italy to be a day boat.  So the next Bertram 35 showing, see rendering above will be outfitted with full offshore fishing rigging in mind.  Indeed if all goes well with the guys at Bertram, the 35 in sport-fishing form will be the next demo boat and is to run around next summer doing a lot more than just the cocktail circuit.  The 35 sportfish version will be dressed down a little for an easy boat to clean and maintain, and fitted out with a standard transom live well and of course a tower or hardtop, and outriggers.

October 21, 2016

New Model: Bertram 35

Today we live in times full of expectations created by marketing gurus who basically are able to make the hype of nothing.  Interestingly the new Bertram 35 and considering the history here, has had a low profile call it shy launch in one of the National US boat shows.  This new Bertram 35 marks two important returns; the relaunch of the iconic name inventor of the deep-V hull shape after a couple of difficult years, and a modern recreation of its first and most sold 31 model delivered in over 1700 units for a production run of twenty years. Saying all this, the Bertram name return has had the desired impact, with nine units sold on plan and prior to launch for the Micheal Peters and Marty A.Lowe designed 35 model.  It is still early days for Gavio's Group Bertram, owners of the US legend since the start of 2015 but this long term project looks all set up in the right direction. The challenge is now for all to see as the first 35 heads to various boat shows, and then after this in the hands of owners, who will be the ultimate real judges of Bertram's new chapter and whether it can reach or exceed the level bar which comes with the legendary name. 
Technical Data:
LOA - 10.69 m (35.1ft)
Waterline Length - 9.57 m
Beam - 3.78 m
Draft - 0.76 m ex props
Displacement - 9434 kg medium load
Fuel Capacity - 1135 l
Water Capacity - 189 l
Accommodation - 2 + 2 berths
Engines - 2 x 460hp 
Propulsion - line shaft
Speed - 40 knots max
Construction - Infused vinilester with solid glass bottom, Kevlar reinforced centerline, strakes, and structure grid 
Project - Micheal Peters hull and exterior, Marty A.Lowe Inc interior

March 22, 2016

Project: Bertram 58

What a better way to return a legend then to bring back modern versions of the models which made it become so. The new Bertram way seems set to go exactly into this direction, decades later.  Designed as the currently in build 35, by World famous deep-V specialist Micheal Peters the new 58 is homage to the eighties 54.  Delivered in over fifty units in a production run over ten years, the 54 is a legend to behold not only for its sales number but also for the sea keeping its Dave Napier designed modified V-shape hull delivered.  To say it short the 54 was Bertram second most important model ever made behind the 31.  It is also a model which championed the fifty plus feet sport-fisherman yacht to new owners. The Bertram 58 is still in infant project stages, what we know so far is that it will have a 40 knots performance, wrap around wind screen with full view, and hull one is expected to launch in late 2017.

November 12, 2015

Project: Bertram 35

It's been one of the most awaited news since the beginning of 2015, when the Gavio Group, who also owns Baglietto and Cerri acquired the Bertram brand.  What was Gavio going to do with the company?  At first came a press release that the only interest Gavio has is to return Bertram into the echelons of sport-fishing.  It was a waiting time and after months asking questions, here comes the answer from Bertram, Gavio, and designer Micheal Peters.  This team made an unsuspecting choice of recreating the legend of Bertram and re-offer the 31 into a new 35 format.  Yes that 31 which sold over one thousand units in a production run of twenty or so years, and a classic boat since its launch. From a certain point of view it was a very interesting choice, and also a challenging one at that.  Today unlike the pioneering days of the 31, this size market is mostly dominated by fast triple or quadruple powered center consoles. But this some might say could also be a blessing in disguise, since the Bertram 35 which currently is under construction at Lynn Morse will have not much competition.  Design wise infect its main competitor will only be the Ocean Yachts 37 Billfish. It will be interesting times, and wishing Bertram the best of returns, since without this name, there is a missing protagonist not only in sportfishing but all the motor boating industry. 

November 5, 2013

Project: Bertram 60

I was awaiting the news of Bertram new project by the hands of Robert Ullberg since his appointment as designer and product development of the flying eagle just over a year ago.  When the famous sportfish designer joined Bertram it was an interesting exciting news, especially since the signature of the architect has been an important input in the custom community for well over a decade.  The 60 project is the first of a new page to the history of the iconic builder and the famous designers that have marked its history, from Ray Hunt, Dave Napier, and the since 1999 Zuccon Ferretti duo.  Its an important new step for Bertram! Robert Ullberg in his video message is promising one of the best 60, nineteen meters sportfishing yachts in the market today, especially to what regards fish-ability, cockpit aft deck layout, and the ever important ride and handling. Considering his curriculum of various top class custom boats designed, I am sure few if any can argue his words.  

June 21, 2013

Classics - Bertram 54 (1981 - 2001)

Picking a classic is always hard, and this becomes near to impossible when you mention a company like Bertram.  The company Dick Bertram created, made waves in 1960 its start, thanks to the Ray Hunt designed 31 model.  In those years Bertram and Hunt invented the Deep Vee hull, and also created production boat building as it is known today.
One can easily say that most of the models Bertram build up until the nineties can be regarded as classics nowadays. Still the 54 is one of Bertram's most iconic and admired models.  In the people's mind the 54 is challenged only with the smaller and more affordable 31 sold in over 1800 units in its various versions for a production run lasting 23 years.
David Napier designed every Bertram from 1972 till 1998, with his first design being the 28 which was very much an inspiration to the Ray Hunt 31 which started the company. Born as a 53 project, for the Bertram 54 Napier set the trends in the sport-fish category creating the modern era of the genre, but also in yachts over fifty feet.  Important note that since its launch the 54 is highly regarded as one of the most sea worthy yachts of its size and class even today thirty years plus after its launch. Considering that any sport-fish has to be a good ride that is high testament to the status the 54 has among this genre aficionados.
For the Bertram 54, designer David Napier followed what he started with the 46 a decade earlier with a modified Vee shaped hull featuring a deep entry and lowering itself to a medium aft dead rise of seventeen degrees.  Napier and Bertram again made school and while the Hunt deep design was revolutionary in the 1960's, the 46 from Napier invented a more cruising approach to the Vee shape ideal suited for high cruise speeds and larger yachts of over fifteen meters and around the thirty knots range.
Accommodation wise the Bertram 54 was offered with three interior layouts all having three double cabins, and two or three heads. In a long term production run many make up changes were made over the years both inside and outside, with the most notable modernized fix coming in 1997 from Italian design firm Studio Faggioni.
The Bertram 54 had a production run of twenty years from 1981 till 2001, with the last decade being a start and stop situation build due to the luxury tax of 1993, and the negative effect this had on the North American boating industry in the period and the aftermath it left after.   
LOA - 16.46 m (54ft)
Beam - 5.16 m
Draft - 1.57 m
Displacement - 35 t
Fuel Capacity - 4500 l
Water Capacity - 950 l
Accommodation - Three different layouts. 6 berths in 3 double cabins, two or three heads version
Engines - 2 x GM 850hp, Cats 1400
Propulsion - direct line shaft
Speeds - 37 knots max with the later builds equipped with Cats 1400hp units
Hull Shape - modified Vee shape with forward 45 degrees entrance, and 17 deadrise aft
Project - David Napier hull and design, 1997 Studio Faggioni interior and exterior make up changes
Variations - forward windscreen option was possible in early models, later versions 1985 onward had no central pillar in side windows and produced in one peace, in 1997 studio Faggioni also changed the interiors and softened the design around the corners of the topside.  The 1997 version is referred as the second series by the followers of the 54.
Production Run - 1981 to 2001
Builds - over 135 
Developments - 1990 Bertram 60, and 2002 570 both use the David Napier hull of the 54 with some modifications.  570 had a complete new topside designed by Zuccon and renewed engine position.
What Is Awesome
+ Broken Shear-line
+ Flybridge and main saloon size
+ Hull Lines
What Looks Dated
Small aft deck for a 16/17 meter recent sportfishing yacht
Square profile windows, especially the two parts of earlier models
COMPETITOR - Hatteras 52 Convertible produced from 1983 till 1990.
* Please note that some Specifications are not from official sources and may not be accurate

September 21, 2012

Improve-it = Bertram 64

Bertram shows rendering for the enclosed bridge option of its recently presented 64 model, introduced last year following the eight years production run of the 630.  Designed as its predessor by Zuccon, the Bertram 63 with enclosed bridge option, wants to offer more versatile and comfortable cruising all year to the owner and his guests.  The enclosed bridge of the 64 will feature a full internal curved stair case passage from the main deck saloon.  The layout of the bridge will offer an L-shaped settee to port, central helm station settee, and two companion way seats.  The Bertram 64 reaches a top speed of 40 knots with twin Cats 1925hp engines.

January 9, 2012

New Model: Bertram 64

Bertram's new 64 replaces the since 2003 produced and fifty plus models delivered 630, replacement of the legend that was the Napier designed 60.  The 64 builds and improves the good qualities of the 630, but most of all it builds more on its sportfish battle wagon features thanks to huge input of Bertram president Alton Hendon.  Think of the aft deck now being the largest in this size being 194 squared feet in area, with plenty of storage for the angler being it hobby or competition.  Improved design features are a smoother shear line, with or without center line windows.  So far there is no mention of a lower helm choice, as Bertram's other recent new models as the 540, 511 and 800.  But an enclosed bridge version will be available later on, adding three tons to the weight.  Power is from three engines choices Cats or MTU starting at 1676 till 2001hp.  Cats 1925hp engines will give a fast 40 knots wide open throttle max. 
Technical Data:
LOA - 20.6 m (67.6ft)
Hull Length - 19.4 m
Beam - 19.4 m
Draft - 1.6 m
Displacement - 41t convertible version, + 3t for Enclosed bridge
Fuel Capacity - 7000 l
Water Capacity - 1363 l
Accommodation - 8 berths in 4 cabins, 6 berths in 3 cabins
Engines - 2 x Cat C32 1676hp, C32 Acert 1825hp, MTU 16v 2000 M91 2001hp
Propulsion - line shafts
Speed - 40 knots max with Cats 1925hp
Project: Giovanni Zuccon lines, Ferretti AYT
Certification - NMEA

September 5, 2011

Project: Bertram 64

Bertram presents the project for a new 64 model, which is set to launch in Fort Lauderdale 2011 end of October and in my understanding should replace the 630 constructed in about fifty units since 2004.  Again designed by Zuccon, with the Ferretti Group team the 64 continues the touches of new president Alton Herndon who puts his experience to good use to make this new Bertram one of the best sport fishing yachts in this size.  These touches are already visible as the recent improvements shown in the 540, and will be seen in other models of the range. For the new 64 a curved smooth reverse shear line is shown again, but the designers also opted for a massive aft deck fish battling area which measures just short of two hundred square feet. The 64 will also involve options as large view windows in the center or a clean hull as the above rendering shows.  Accommodation details have not yet been announced.  Power is from standard twin Cats 1676hp or optional 1925 or 2001hp MTU.  With twin Cats 1925hp top speed is 40 knots.     

November 10, 2010

Improve-it = Bertram 540

Listening to customers Bertram presents a new version to the 2008 launched 540, aimed at meeting the requirements of the hard core fisherman. Called the Hard Core Fishing version this 540 is recognizable from the outside for its fiberglass brow which makes away with the criticized revolutionary forward windshield, characteristic of this model launched in 2008. Whether the forward windshield was loved or hate is another question, but the truth is that since Bertram presented it we have seen other builders copy it from Riviera to Tiara, to the custom Jarrett Bay. Another change in the 540 is a new main deck layout again looking back to traditional Sportfish yacht design with a galley forward, and additional storage for essentials. Adding this new interior layout to the two previous astern galley versions with lower helm or without, the 540 now has three different main deck plans to choose from. Not bad for a Sportfish Yacht labelled as a production model. The standard 540 with forward windshield which gives a nice full view from the saloon, astern galley, and lower helm option will still be available and is now called the Recreational Version for its more cruising looks, but same sportfish yacht functionality on the aft deck, and flybridge.

April 18, 2010

New Model: Bertram 800

On 27th March the two years plus of waiting since the project was announced where over as Bertram finally launched its new 800 flagship model. Bertram's new 800 is not just the current biggest model, but takes title as the all time flagship from the builder who delivered the first deep vee hull designed by Ray Hunt to the world in 1960. The 800 does in fact go eight feet bigger to the late eighties Bertram 72 delivered in only five examples. Designed by Italian Zuccon, designer for all Bertram's since 1999, the 800 has a family feeling to the rest of the range although all the other sisters do indeed look smaller. The 800 is also presented with a full wrap around windshield, but so far no lower helm station is shown in the plans. It also looks so far to be available only with enclosed bridge. Accommodation plan in the 800 offers a four cabins all en-suite layout, which features a full beam mid-ship located master stateroom. Here you also get to choose between staterooms A and B plans, with a choice of a VIP suite or a three bunks berth to fore. The 800 also features two crew cabins with one located on below to midships aft, and the other on the main deck to fore of the galley. Power for the 800 is from twin MTU 2000hp standard, or optional 2400hp.
Technical Data:
LOA - 25.2 m (82.8ft) with bow pulpit
Hull Length - 23.4 m
Beam - 6.70 m
Draft - 1.70 m
Displacement - 84 t
Fuel Capacity - 11355 l
Water Capacity - 1515 l
Accommodation - 8, 9 berths in 4 cabins. 2 crew cabin.
Engines - 2 x MTU 16v Series 2000 2000hp, 2400hp
Propulsion - line shaft
Project - Zuccon International Project, Bertram and Ferretti AYT engineering

December 4, 2009

Improve-it = Bertram 410

Bertram Yacht’s improve its 410 by offering two new extra options which enhance the overall experience while out on the open water. Launched in 2007 the Zuccon designed US built Bertram 410 new options include a lower control station and new advanced forward window design. These full wrap around windows maximize visibility and brighten the interior of the salon, creating an open experience that is perfect for entertaining anytime on the main deck. The lower control station option gives also owners the opportunity to navigate from the comforts of the deluxe salon and benefit from unobstructed views of the open waters, especially when the weather above is not so good. First seen on the 540 in Fort Lauderdale 2008, and followed this year with the 511, the lower windshield design has been a much praised revolution in the new Bertram's, and now the Miami company raises the bar by adding it to its smallest entry level flybridge sportfish cruiser.

November 12, 2009

New Model: Bertram 511

Bertram 511 is the latest breakthrough sport-fish yacht from the US builder which captures the classic spirit of earlier Bertram models. Designed by Zuccon the new 511 exudes an edge and modern appeal from its previous predecessors, without compromising the traditional look of a Bertram boat. It offers a full wrap around windshield as seen on the great looker that is the 540 introduced last year. The windshield is designed and tested to withstand the roughest offshore conditions, and yet with careful planning the interior storage is not compromised. This unique Bertram feature, so far only available on this new 511 and the 540 makes also for an incredible 360 degree view of the surrounding water while out in the ocean, and is a great asset for capturing the wide open seas with a clear view of what lies ahead. If desired a second lower helm station is also available as an option. Going back to its Sportfish Yacht business the 511 is fully loaded with amenities vital to the dedicated angler, including generous storage integrated into the standard mezzanine deck in the cockpit, ample seating which allows one to relax while trolling the high seas waiting for the next bite, and a large fish box with removable tub in the cockpit sole which can be used to store the days catch along with a second fish box that is located in the transom. Accommodation includes three well-appointed staterooms, with the mid ship cabins featuring hull-side windows that are incorporated throughout to provide natural light to the guests below deck. Whether you are a longtime, dedicated angler or simply enjoy a relaxing day out at sea, it will be inviting and invigorating to experience the 511. Like all Bertram's, the 511 has extra wide walk around side decks, and available exclusive Ferretti Group Mitsubishi Anti-Roll gyro technology, both these offering major safety factors. Other advantages include the renowned legendary Bertram trademark deep-V hull which is a further development of the 50 model introduced in the nineties, full beam to the stern for maximum cockpit space, vibration isolating engine mounts, a single fuel tank amidships with no fuel pumps that can be filled from port or starboard, and U-shaped flybridge seating available with optional table for Al fresco dining up top. Power is from standard twin MAN of 1100hp or optional V12s 1360hp. A smaller Cat engines options at 1050hp each is also available. The large MAN option delivers 39 knots top speed, and a fast cruise of 35. Range is 490 nautical miles allowing in this for a ten per cent reserve of fuel, and with an economic 30 knots cruise speed.
Technical Data:
LOA - 16.7 m (54.9ft) with pulpit
Hull Length - 15.7 m
Beam - 4.93 m
Draft - 1.52 m
Displacement - 29.7 t
Fuel Capacity - 3920 l
Water Capacity - 700 l
Accommodation - 6 berths in 3 cabins
Engines - 2 x MAN V10CR 1100hp, V12CR 1360hp, Cats C19 1050hp
Propulsion - direct in line shafts with five bladed props
Speed - 39 knots, 35 knots cruise, 30 knots economic cruise with 1360hp MAN
Range - 490 nm at 30 knots cruise Design - Zuccon International, Ferretti AYT

October 26, 2009

Project: Bertram 511

Bertram Yacht, a legendary force in the construction of Sportfish Yachts and Cruisers, is preparing to unveil its latest creation, the 511. This new Bertram is set to debut at the coming Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show and will replace the 510 model. Italian designer Zuccon who took over the design work for Bertram from 1998 will likely awe traditional enthusiasts with new, cutting edge exterior styling combined with classic rough seas performance features. Since its inception Bertram has built a reputation for building tough sportfish boats, whether competing in prestigious tournaments or running in open water, the legendary ride has been tried and tested among competitive anglers and experienced captains alike. The new 511 captures the classic spirit of earlier Bertram models and exudes a new edge modern appeal from its previous predecessors, without compromising the traditional look of the US builder. It boasts a streamlined shear line and charming elegance in which creature comforts combine with high performance, to provide for a pleasant, adventurous fishing experience out at sea. Years ago, builders had to make concessions in their building practices due to the limitations in construction capabilities available at the time. Therefore, they changed forward windshields to solid fiberglass construction to avoid weaknesses in their building processes. Nowadays, due to the incredible advances in technology quality methods of construction that are available, builders as Bertram are returning to their roots and have brought back the forward windshield design that can withstand the elements. With access to top end cutting edge technology, Bertram applies these new techniques and successfully re-introduced a full forward wrap around window into its latest models, first with the 540 presented last year and now with this new 511. This unique feature also makes for an incredible full 360 degree view of the surroundings and is a great asset for capturing wide clear views of what lies ahead. Robust hull-side windows have also been incorporated to provide natural light to the staterooms below deck. These hull windows first introduced on the 700 in 2007 have now been tried and tested on other Bertram's and have proved to uphold in challenging conditions. Having windows in both the master and twin guest staterooms also opens up for a relaxing environment with natural light on board. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, these distinctive hull side windows are reinforced into the yacht’s fiberglass hull during the early stages of construction fortifying its already rock solid hull, thereby adding to its overall strength. The interiors have also a fresh new look, with a large and comfortable living area including an accommodated salon and open galley welcoming you inside. Stunning views of the surrounding ocean from each of the living areas makes the space feel larger too. The spacious galley which is larger to yachts of this size, features a built in coffee maker, refrigerator, and freezer system. An open L-shaped dinette faces the open galley and large salon, creating a welcoming environment for guests on board. Ample storage is accessible under the L-shaped sofa, with plenty of storage for rods, reels, tackle, etc. A lower helm station which takes the space from the second settee is also available as option. The cabins below continue the comfort and maximum visibility focus feature of the 511. The double berth master stateroom is highlighted by the hull side windows, which are not typical of other sport fishing vessels, but provide a pleasant experience and interesting perspective from the staterooms when underway. A fore VIP stateroom is surprisingly well lit and is outfitted with a queen size berth. The starboard cabin with twin single berths is well proportioned too. A full washer/dryer is discreetly incorporated into the hallway closet, and you also have two spacious heads designed with contemporary elegant accents as well as stand up showers for a modern day feel. Well equipped for all sport fishing conditions, this well integrated yacht offers a variety of amenities for the dedicated angler with a spacious cockpit, measuring approximately 170 square feet, providing space and ample storage on board, and you also get today's most wanted, must have mezzanine aft looking settee which makes an ideal spot to watch or prep your next catch. An optional prep center or added mezzanine seating is also available on the starboard side. The 511 embraces serious performance, with the hull being an evolution of the 510, which in turn came from the classic Bertram 50. This apart the shape retains the usual trademarks of a Bertram such as a solid fiberglass deep vee hull, and center fuel tank that optimizes trim at various speeds and conditions. Innovative rudders and struts minimize drag, and a five-bladed prop significantly reduces vibration and noise. Equipped with standard twin MAN V10CR 1100hp, or CAT C18 1050hp, and the big choice of MAN V12CR 1360hp, the 511 is built as a Bertram with a no holds approach to running in rough waters.