June 6, 2017

Project: Tecnorib Pirelli 1900

Tecnorib has unveiled project details for a new Pirelli 1900, the flagship that completes the range of rigid inflatable boats.  Guests attending the most prestigious Formula One Grand Prix event in Montecarlo on Sunday May 28th, had the opportunity to view for the very first time a scale model in the exclusive Pirelli Suite at the Monaco Yacht Club. The audience of high-profile visitors attending were able to admire a scale model of the Tecnorib Pirelli 1900 for the first time showing the design features of much bigger yacht to the characteristic sportiness expressed by the range.  Tecnorib one of the leading companies in this sector and the licensee for Pirelli branded Ribs which was signed in 2005 has recently renewed the agreement, and will present the 1900 flagship at the next Cannes boat show. This new rib yacht draws on the legacy of previous models and benefits from the expertise, know-how and technology developed, but for the first time adds the live ability of a big yacht to their exquisitely sporty DNA.  The new Pirelli 1900 flagship completes Tecnorib’s now consolidated range of the branded ribs, which starting this year will have a unique and immediately recognizable design feature, with the tread pattern of the Pirelli wet tyre used by the brand in top track races appearing on the inflatable tubes, in a celebration of Pirelli’s expertise in the production of extremely wet conditions.  So far Tecnorib is being very quiet on technical and accommodation details for the Pirelli 1900 project, but expect fast performances coupled with a minimal accommodation layout.

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