June 3, 2017

Project: Sanlorezo SX88

Sanlorenzo outdone itself for the project launch of the SX88, with a social media marketing campaign giving hints of this new line starting in March 2017, confirmed by a press conference in Milan on 25 May. Sanlorenzo SX88 is a new cross-over type Super yacht design merging explorer and motor yacht styles coming from the hands of Mauro Micheli and Sergio Berretta of Officina Italiana design.  SX indeed means sport explorer.  Interiors for the SX88 are from Piero Lissoni and three different layouts will be available without moving any structural elements for this pocket size super yacht. Not much details are so far available on the interior, what we know is that the SX88 is available without an internal wheelhouse, and owners stateroom can be located on the main deck or at midships. The SX88 is to be launched in coming mid Summer and a further SX72 in 2018 and an SX104 in 2019 models will follow.  The Sanlorenzo SX88 had a test tanking done in Holland, with its hull reaching speeds up to 23 knots.  Engine and propulsion details are not advised by Sanlorenzo but the Viareggio Spezia builder said that this will be done in cooperation with Volvo.

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