February 1, 2012

blogger - Pushing On

The last few years have been among the most difficult ever seen for the boating industry, and while the crisis in the early nineties was bad this is much worse.  The World has become a smaller place and with Europe today being mostly a single zone, things are much complicated today then they where before.  Surely the effects of globalization, and the only markets having growth at the moment are some places in the South America's, and Asia, with down under Australia being somewhat stable.  The North America's and Europe are more or less down.  Although fair to say North America is fairing better then the old continent, especially to what regards smaller boats sizes.  A reason for this is the better culture US has for keeping a small boat under ten meters in size then Europe, which is considered something very common.  
The old Continent on the other hand is not only seeing the recession hitting the buyer, but also new taxes being implemented in some famous Mediterranean countries on the yachts and the owners.  See blogger regarding Italy of last month, but also Spain, and Greece have not been very friendly with the boaters in the last months.  These taxes give even more bad signals to the buyer then even the greatest recession.  Totally wrong considering what a single boat usually leaves to the economy not only to where it is built, but also where it is residing.
In all this I still surprise myself seeing most of the boat builders pushing on with the novelties and model updates hanging on in this down economy which now has been going over three years.  To make matters worse, before this the builders have faced a period of near ten years growth with the investments which follow such good turn of events.  To say the least, it is still impressive to see many builders still here, and presenting novelties.  This surely shows attention to the market and clients demands which is present more then ever before.  Yes being the circumstances it has to be like this, but few would have imagined such resources more or less five years ago. 

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