February 12, 2012

Web: Arcoa New Web Site

Arcoa Yachts from France presents its new World wide web virtual showroom.  Arcoa was founded in 1947 by a big trademark name of French boat building, the family Couach. Arcoa immediately struck the eye, and in the fifties and sixties build some successful models; 460, 560, 700, 860, 960,1060, and the Arcoa-Crai. After this success Couach separated itself from Arcoa in 1967.  Since then the brand has featured many changed ownership, moved from wood to fiberglass and created another success with the 1080 Fishing model.  Today Arcoa is located in French Britany, Lorient, and builds five models from the 32 Canot to the 62 Yacht.  Arcoa new web site is available in French and English and takes you around with the following buttons; Home, The Brand, The Service, Retailers, and Contact Us.  There is also a separate button for each of the five models, located on the bottom of the page. 

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