February 3, 2012

Improve-it = Viking 50 Convertible

Following its success with the 42 series launched in fall 2010, Viking has build a prototype 50 Convertible with the new big ZF4000 pods units.  For creating the new modified bottom of the 2008 launched 50 Convertible, Viking used its one million dollars five axis pro filer.   The new hull now consists of propeller pockets, where to accommodate the ZF pods, and a redesign of the transom to accommodate the Humphree Interceptor trim tabs.  The 50 Convertible with ZF4000 also needed structural modification as the big pod units weigh over 900 kg each and fit directly to the hull, mounted to a dedicated stringer system capped with aluminum reinforcement.  Performance wise the Viking 50 Convertible with ZF4000 pods and Cats 1150hp delivered over 39 knots of top speed, 2 nautical miles per hour more to the standard shaft version.  A cruise speed of 32 knots also gave over 20 liters per hours less of consumption for the ZF4000 Viking 50. Needless to say the ZF4000 50 Convertible provides easy side manoeuvring thanks to the pods and the joystick system. So far the Viking is not offering the 50 Convertible to the market, due to the extra costs involved in the making.  Although the US New Jersey company is willing to build one if a client desires it and is reluctant to pay the extra costs involved for this version, so far delivered only as prototype for ZF.     

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