February 26, 2012

Project: ISA Yachts 41m Classic

Designed by Andrea Vallicelli, this new ISA Yachts 41 meter is developed from the 39 meter platform what is a three-deck displacement motor yacht that caught the owner's attention for her modern design and clever use of the space. This sale of the 41m Classic is also very important for ISA coming from a repeatable customer, with a delivery schedule date for 2013. ISA is a yard that sticks to provide owners with large innovative super yachts that express personality and luxury, and this 41 meter Classic is the result of the yard's desire to propose its own changes, without the restrictions of the current trends. The design of this steel hull aluminium upper structure super yacht is based on three fundamental elements: the visual centre back on the stern, an aggressive streamlined bow and the lines linking the stern and the roll bar continued by the two spoilers connecting the main deck with the upper deck. The final result of these apparently contrasting elements offer an extremely balanced appearance and a compact lightweight feel. The interior design will be executed by ISA.  Powered by two CAT 1001hp engines the 41m Classic will reach a max speed of 14 knots. The owner went more for a guest layout; with one master and four guest cabins, it can accommodate ten guests in luxury and comfort. 


  1. Wow this is a really nice yacht.

  2. That's a pretty good looking yacht you have there, thank you very much for sharing.

  3. I appreciate your effort on sharing this photo, but I guess, it's more interesting if you add some photos inside the youth so we could see the interior design on it.

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