July 22, 2010

Project: Sunseeker 63 Manhattan

While its British competitors Fairline and Princess seem to have abandoned or never used the Volvo IPS propulsion, Sunseeker has recently shown more interest in the use of the forward looking dual propeller pods. Sunseeker first use of the Volvo IPS was as an option on the 2009 stopped in production 47 Portofino, and today the pods are available on the 48 Portofino, 52 Predator, and 60 Predator. The new 63 Manhattan project is to be Sunseeker first flybridge boat using the IPS propulsion. A video on the Sunseeker website titled Manhattan 63 Test Launch, design manager Jonathan Goldie explains the benefits, and that compared to the 60 Manhattan, on which this project is developed the 63 Manhattan with twin 900hp should develop five more nautical miles of top speed at 34 knots. The test is also conducted with an extra four tonnes of weight. Goldie also speaks about the known IPS benefits as easy to manoeuvre, better fuel consumption, and the no crew need for a nineteen metre flybridge boat. So far Sunseeker has not released plans for the 63 Manhattan but do accept a three cabin interior with extra spaces then the competition thanks to the benefits of more power to the prop and the aft location of a smaller engine set up then to the usual in this size.

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