July 7, 2010

Powerboat GPS - Poltu Quato Preview

Rounds 5 and 6 of the UIM 2010 World Championship Grand Prix of the sea is just couple days away. Poltu Quato on the beautiful island of Sardinia is the place to be for the next offshore powerboat races held from 9 till July 11th 2010. The schedule is the usual with boats arriving in the wonderful Poltu Quatu Yacht harbour in the Smerld Coast tomorrow Thursday, Powerpole on Friday afternoon, Sprint race on Saturday, and Endurance on Sunday.
This race just sits in the middle of the championship, so it will be curious to see if the balances shown in the first four races will be broken. The Grand Prix of Poltu Quatu is also valid for the Italian Championship, so some wild cards from Italy will also be present in this race.
A new contender will also be coming in Supersport with the much expected new boat from Ocean Dragon racing, the new 8 Pantera Racing challenge. Martin Lai who is team boss will be driving alongside builder Pantera boats boss Jo Nunez. Martin switched from a Formula 38 to a totally new Pantera 41 fitted with twin Mercury 525EFi.
Pos. Boat Name - Team Name ~ Points
1. 60 Metamarine Foresti&Suardi - Metamarine Corse ~ 74
Good position, and apart fast they are also reliable.
2. 33 Furnibo - 2B1 Racing Team ~ 53
Looks like the faster boat in this years circuit, do they have whats needed to take it.
3. 88 SNAV-Kiton - OSG Racing Team ~ 45
Unlucky in Malta, but OSG is always there.
4. 66 Cranefields Wine - Searex Racing Team ~ 35
Slower to the top three teams, but reliability gives points.
5. 77 Lucas Oil - Scandinavian Offshore Challenge ~ 29
A dozen seconds slower in calm water, but did not look bad in Malta.
6. 47 Silverline Racing - Silverline ~ 0
Looked fast during trials in Malta, but reliability issues keep stopping the race.
7. 55 Ukrainian Spirit - Ukrainian Spirit ~ 0
New Mercury engines arrived late in Malta. We have to wait and see.
1. 38 Baia Attolini - Baia Attolini ~ 77
Not the faster boat, but experience of the older boat and driver is paying up.
2. 17 Spirit of Belgium - Spirit of Belgium ~ 49
Terrible accident in Malta round 4. Still a challenger but needs to win a race.
3. 22 Big Sergio - Al & Al Racing Team ~ 44
It is a fast boat, but something is missing to be up top.
4. 43 Seagull Chaudron - Ukrainian Spirit ~ 42
Was back to its 2009 challenging ways in Malta.
5. 81 KarelpiĆ¹ - RG 87 Racing Team ~ 32
Fast boat, and as winner of round 3 it showed it is a contender. Bit of experience needed.
6. 26 Team 26 - Team 26 ~ 21
Unlucky again in race 3, but round 4 was a good race. Faster boat.
7. 06 Jolly Drive - Jolly Drive Racing Team ~ 18
Reliability issues meant no races in Malta, for the only Diesel in SS class.

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