July 30, 2010

Web: Zenit Yachts New Web Site

Zenit Yachts a small but very quality orientated Italian builder, updates its website to a new showroom. Located in the North Italy on the Adriatic coast of Venice, Zenit was founded in 2003 and started its story with a shaft powered 44 Open Sport Cruiser model. A year later in 2005 the first model was followed with the 45 Hard Top which is based on the same line of the 44 Open, but including the much desired accessory. After starting their life as shaft propulsion models, both Zenit's where updated in 2007 to include Volvo IPS pod propulsion. The Zenit story has been of a good success for a small production builder thanks to a modern original design by Delta Lab Italia which emphasizes latest trend solutions such as full beam owners cabin, spacious saloon, and among the largest tender garage of the size. Semi customization of the interior has also been another of the reason of Zenit success, with unique chromatic and stylistic elements being the other. The new Zenit website is only available in Italian and is a photo experience shows both the Zenit models. Navigation is with three buttons: Home, Contacts, and Reaching Us. www.zenityachts.com

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