July 24, 2010

Project: Canados 100

Canados take a very new approach with this 100 project set to launch for 2012. Designed by Carlo Galeazzi, the 100 features loads of glassed surfaces on both the hull and super structure, with modern mechanisms as fold down terraces and bathing platform also being an important part of this project. Sitting in between the 86 and the 116 model, designer Galeazzi distinct himself from the classic lines of the brand which I had the feeling where set to continue with the latest new model that was the 76. If the 2006 launched Luiz De Basto designed 90 Open was modern, the 100 project is surely more to it and sets to reinvent the lines with new design touches as the forward looking radar arch, more straight hull forms, and glassed surfaces. Even the topsides of the foredeck are a distance from the Canados usual low surfaces here appearing more streamlined and long. This design feature mostly happening because of the raised pilot house. The 100 will have an option of a four or five cabin interior depending on owners choice, and will have two crew rooms. Power will be from twin MTU 2600hp which should give a 31 knots top speed. Canados is owned since 2007 by Balmoora Capital who also own the British sailing yacht brand Oyster. www.canados.com

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