July 26, 2010

Boat Review: Galeon 325 Open

When Galeon launched the 325 Open in the fall of 2008, the global press agreed that the Polish builder was showing a luxury in a ten meter sport cruiser as never seen before in this size. Apart from having sweet lines above and below the waterline designed by British architect Tony Castro, the Galeon 325 Open has exterior spaces to match those of a sports boat, and interior comfort of twin cabins plus saloon with galley saying I am a pure Cruiser. If this is not enough the 325 Open makes also choice an important part of its DNA, with three different wood choices for the interior, various color choices for the outside, and sixteen in different engine choices. If how some say luxury is in the choosing you surely have a lot of it here.
The 325 Open welcomes you aft with a layout giving a lot of open sports boat feel with a central passage way which leads to the cabins and all the important areas. To port side of the cockpit is a sun lounger with a moving back rest which extends its size, a C-shaped dinette, and a lounger under the windshield to fore. To starboard is a direct one step passageway for the side deck, wet bar, and a single person helm station. The wet bar can also be equipped like a second outdoor kitchen, with wash basin, small outside fridge, and a grill cook top. On top of the coach roof foredeck is also a central sun pad for two persons along with well sized side decks protected with stainless steel railing, and chain locker. The aft bathing platform which in standard format is only one foot in length can also be optionally extended to be over three feet. I would suggest this option to be on top of your list as apart to providing more bathing space gives also safer and better tender stowage.
A central door with three steps leads to the accommodation lower deck. To the center below is the main living area with a C-shaped saloon to port which converts to a double berth, and a fully equipped galley opposite. The kitchen is equipped with a two burner hybrid electric or optional diesel hob, wash basin, and a well sized fridge with freezer. To fore is cabin one with a double berth resting to the starboard side. Mid ship aft is the second cabin which for floor space I would consider it to be more the owners room. The double berth looks to the starboard side, and has a cabinet drawer with wash basin to port opposite. Performance
For the small Galeon 325 Open, designer Tony Castro opted for a deep Vee hull with a twenty one degrees dead rise. A deep Vee gives superior performance in following seas, good wave cutting in head seas, and beam seas just needing a bit of trimming to make it right. There is sixteen total power options for the 325 Open and Galeon gave me some data to show and compare figures. This data is proof of the benefits of diesel over petrol in boats! Petrol best is 160nm at 20 knots with twin small Volvo 190hp, and Diesel all double D4 engines delivering a 300nm range at 22 or 24 knots cruise. The best performing diesel is the Volvo D4 300hp which delivers speeds of 38 knots max, and a 24 knots economic cruise. A 40hp less twin 260 gives 36 knots max, and the same 24 knots best economic cruise which also delivers a till the last drop 300nm range, which would be a safe 240nm. The best economic cruise between 20 to 25 knots with all the engines show that this is the optimum hull speed of the 325 Open.
Main deck layout
Two well sized cabins below
Various engine choices
Three wood type options
Optional extended bathing platform
A still competitive size despite this of ten metres being abandoned over the years by builders who in the past made it there bread and butter. The Galeon 325 Open definitely scores points for its personalization and various engine options. Criteria was for 32 to 36 feet size, two separate double berths, and Open design. Coincidentally the American brands minus the currently in financial trouble Doral are missing as all offered two convertible saloons, with a double fore berth below. Airon 345 - three berths aft cabin, C-shaped and L-shaped settee cockpit
Arturo Stabile 33 Stama - large bathing platform hiding passarelle
Atlantis 35 Plus - intelligent opening forward bulkhead, M.Peters hull
Bavaria 34 Sport - a new BMW design to be launched this fall
Bruno Abbate G36 Primatist - optional radar arch, high performing hull
Doral 33 Intrigue - Canada offering with two double berths plus saloon
Elan Power 35 - also a Tony Castro design, small exterior, different saloon galley
Fiart 34 Genius - large open cockpit with smart integrated bathing platform
Mano 32 Sport - classic looks, two settee aft cockpit
Oryx 36 Open - various options like outboards and semi HT, split level main deck
Rio 36 Air - full beam owners cabin, open plan flash main deck
Saver 330 Sport - flagship from this Sicilian builder with two double cabins
WILD CARD: Sealine 35 Sport - open no radar arch, 3 berths mid ship cabin, M.Peters hull
There are many things to like of the 325 Open but surely a dear theme is how Galeon used a similar customisation in a small model as that seen in the much bigger 50 feet plus boats. This is indeed rare, as in yachting a company usually uses the image of the flagships but rarely puts the choice available of the bigger models. Instead Galeon choose to learn more from the bigger boat experience, and instead of keeping it dedicated to the large sizes also used it on the smaller models as the 325. This is also showed in selling numbers and despite a recession economy in recent times Galeon has sold thirty units of the 325 in about fifteen months production. Just as well important the 325 is also the first model to have a vacuum infused hull by the Polish Straszyn factory, which apart giving better resin balance and 20% less weight makes also Galeon in line with what should become legal for Europe and American boat builders in later times. The 325 is also available as the HTO identical to the Open expect for the fact of a stylish rigid hard top on the cockpit which makes it idle for use all year round.
Technical Data
LOA. 11.10 metres (36.4ft) 10.4 metres without extended platform
Hull Length. 10.00 metres
Waterline length. 7.85 metres
Beam. 3.35 metres
Draft. 1.15 metres max with drives down
Displacement. 6448 kg light, 8228 kg loaded
Fuel Capacity. 750 litres
Water Capacity. 200 litres
Max Persons. 8
Accommodation. 4 + 2 berths
Engines. Petrol 2 x Volvo 4.3GL 190hp, 4.3GXi 225hp, 5.0GXi 270hp, 5.7 GXI 320hp
Diesel 1 x Volvo D6 370hp, 2 x Volvo D3 200hp, D3 220hp, D4 225hp, D4 260hp, D4 300hp
1 x Cummins QSD4.2 350hp, QSD2.8 220hp, QSD4.2 280hp, QSD4.2 320hp, QSD4.2 350hp
2 x Volkswagen TDI 265hp
Propulsion. stern drive Volvo DPS, DPH, Mercruiser Bravo I, Bravo III
Speed. 38 knots max 24 knots cruise with 300hp
Range. 300nm at 24 knots cruise estimated with full tank consumption
Hull Shape. deep Vee shape with 21 degrees dead rise
Project. Tony Castro
Construction. Vacuum resin infusion polyester resin
Certification. CE B ISO12217-1
Picture Copyright Galeon. Data Galeon.

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