July 1, 2010


The always discussed quality term is so different these days. You have to do some dock talking and see the difference between boat owner one who does all on his own, and the modern new yacht owner two. Quality for boat owner one who had been on the water for over a decade, is to have easily accessible areas where he can do the job himself, and has less complicated electronic stuff. On the other part many new modern generation boat owners from the last ten years concentrate more on after sales service and in which timely manner the company he spent his cash on resolves his problems.
This change in mentality represents new boat buyers who usually choose a yacht also on the basis of after sales service offered from the various brands. In yacht heaven areas as South of France, Balearic Islands, Florida, Sardinia, Croatia etc it is also normal to see repair yards representing builders where they have a good client base. I remember a trip I did back in Sardinia in 2008 where in the entrance to Olbia harbour you can see service centres for the most sold brands for this World famous cruising area. In fact over two dozen of brands are represented there.
Guarantee and how a builder assists a client has also been on the agenda of the buyers for some time. But in the last ten years this has taken a new shape with the boat buyer being a busy businessman and requesting more then to the past. Meaning that when it is time for his yacht, this has to be all functional and ready to go. That is why a dealer is today given care taking of the vessel during the non usage time. Some renowned builders also offer a replacement vessel service. It is interesting to see this change especially in the medium large forty to sixty feet size where unlike the past a crew used to be given full responsibility, but nowadays it is more the dealer who keeps the vessel, with persons being employed only for short time cleaning duties during the summer time.


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  2. I'm just curious as to whether there exists some sort of a rating service for boat transport companies. Something kind of like an Angie's list for the boating industry. If not, it would be a very helpful service to create.