July 15, 2010

Project: Mares 43 Fly Bridge

US builder Mares presents the first of its promised revamped models, with the project of the 43 Fly Bridge. Founded in 1982, this builder located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA has at the moment a twelve model line up which bases itself on three platforms the 38, 43, and 54. The very euro styled 43 Fly Bridge project will have a planning cat hull. The accommodation will have a living on the main deck, with sleeping quarters all located below. I do admit that the exterior is good looking in the above rendering, although they look similar to an Italian design Spanish built product presented in 2007 of a similar size. The Mares 43 Fly Bridge will be built with latest resin infusion methods, and is to be powered by twin Cummins engines with ZF Zeus pods propulsion. www.maresinternational.com


  1. thanks for this post, I didn't know this brand at all.
    Have you noticed the hull as Catamaran? they claim 1.5 miles per Gallon!! It sounds very interesting and innovative actually.
    Any chance to see some in Europe? UK, or Spain particularly?

  2. Hello Fred thank you for your comments.
    It will be difficult to see Mares in UK or Spain at this moment. But who knows in the furure. I think if one might wanna have a look at one I suggest to get a plane to Miami Show in February, or Fort Lauderdale in October. If boat shows is not your thing a contact to the builder might also make for a private show....
    Mares have a healthy market in the South North American continent....

  3. Hi Fred, we are the MARES dealer from spain.
    contact: info mallorca-boat-broker.com