May 8, 2010

Powerboat GPS - Yalta Sprint Race Round 1

Team OSG and 88 SNAV - Kiton and 38 Baia Attolini continued where they left in 2009 for there respective Evolution and Super Sport Classes taking first position for Yalta Sprint race one of the 2010 season.
Starting first, the prototype no limits class saw the Italian #60 Metamarine Foresti Sguardi take the lead and keeping it for the first five laps, where at this time they had a very good 25 seconds lead on #88 SNAV - Kiton. The initial part of the race saw also a fierce battle for third place between Fountain #33 Furnibo, and the new 44 feet Chaudron #55 Ukrainian Spirit boat. Positions seemed settled at the first half of the race but four laps to the end #60 Metmarine had some engine problem which caused a slow down to the Italian diesel powered monster, and an opportunity for the 2009 Champion #88 SNAV. But drama was not over, as repeated spinning by #88 SNAV caused by crossing seas gave space to #55 Ukrainian Spirit who climbed themselves to the top spot. Surely at this time the locals where loving the success of there home team! Ukrainian Spirit kept this lead till the last lap, when a last assault by SNAV OSG Racing Team who where trimming the Outerlimits SV43 to perfection, saw them take the lead again. This made the Maltese and Ukrainian drivers pair try all and the idea came to follow as close possible the wake of #88 SNAV - Kiton, which spun again in this part of the race and #55 Ukrainian Spirit going straight into the US boat Italian team have been for going off route, and causing light damage to the new Chaudron Evolution boat to avoid a very terrible accident. After this #55 Ukrainian Spirit had to abandon race which is sad considering how well the Maltese built new Chaudron 44 ran in its first Evolution run. Ultimately the race finished with #88 SNAV winning, #33 Furnibo second, and #60 Metamarine third. Germany's #66 Cranefields took fourth. The #01 Carconnex, #47 Silverline, and #77 Lucas Oil did not finish the race.
The smaller category race was more simple but saw some tension in the initial part of the race when during starting procedure the Donzi of British teams #26 Team 26 blew up a transmission, which also resulted in a broken pulse to English driver Daniel Cramphorn. The 2009 Italian Champions and runners up of the Powerboat P1 Championship #38 Baia Attolini showed there prepartion for the season which gave them a Powerpole yesterday, and a lead from start to finish today. Second place for #22 Big Sergio who presented themselves with a new Outerlimts SV40 boat, showing that the Naples team want to make up for the sad 2009 season which saw them finish the season in a pen-ultimate sixth place. The third place which was ultimately taken by #17 Spirit of Belgium saw a never ending three way battle which included the Italian Albatro boat 06 Jolly Drive, and the Fountain #81 Karelpiu who ended the race on the third lap. Jolly Drive fiinshed in the last place of the concluding boats, which still gives important points. The 2009 Powerboat P1 Supersport champion boat #43 Seagull finished in a below its potential fourth place.
1. 88 SNAV - KITON = 10 laps 39:52,71
2. 33 Furnibo = 43:15,57
3. 60 Metamarine Foresti&Sguardi = 44:13,11
4. 66 Cranefields Wine = 41:37,91 -1 lap
5. 55 Ukrainian Spirit = RET 9 laps
6. 77 Lucas Oil Scaninavian Offshore Challenge = RET 6 laps
7. 47 Silverline = RET 1 lap
8. 01 Carconnex = RET 0 laps
1. 38 Baia Attolini = 9 laps 40:18,98
2. 22 Big Sergio = 40:24,97
3. 17 Spirit of Belgium = 40:58,91
4. 44 Seagull Chaudron = 42:08,11
5. 06 Jolly Drive = 43:47,80
6. 81 Karelpiu = RET 3 laps
7. 26 Team 26 = RET 0 laps

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