May 9, 2010

Web: Van Der Heijden New Web Site

Dutch builder Van Der Heijden presents a new virtual web showroom with a totally redesigned quality online site. Founded in the mid nineties by still owner Ronald Van Der Heijden, this Dutch builder has since then delivered over four hundred units. Coming from a career with the Dutch Navy, Ronald Van Der Heijden sets about building quality semi custom steel yachts, with a huge attention to his clients demands and dreams. The company has also its own Design department in order to accommodate clients wishes during the ordering and building process. Fifteen years after its founding Van Der Heijden has a five range line up: Exclusive, Elegance, Dynamic, Dynamic Deluxe, and Superior which offers a total of fifteen models. Three models for each range. Smallest in the models is the eleven metre 1100 Exclusive which goes up to the still in project 108 feet 3300 Superior. Available in French, English, Dutch, Netherlands, and Sweden language the new Van Der Heijden Steel Yachts website takes you around with the following buttons: About Us, Media, Contact, and a button for each of the unique five ranges.

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