May 30, 2010

Projects: Van Der Heijden 2400 Superior, Van Der Heijden 3300 Superior

Dutch boat builder Van Der Heijden continues its recent strategy of expanding sizes with two new projects which put it into the Super Yacht World. Pictured above is the 2400 Superior project currently under construction in the Netherlands. This second Superior shows similar looks to the smaller 2000 model, and will be built to the same methods of a steel hull, and an alloy super structure. Project weight is an estimated 48 tons, which is light considering that this is less to a similar sized and powered glass fibre yacht. The 2400 Superior will also feature another distinction offering five guest cabins, and a single two person crew cabin aft. Not bad for a pocket Super Yacht just measuring 24 metres, and thanks to its hull length of less to this can be driven with a standard Yacht Master licence. Distinction is also shown in the second in size VIP cabin located aft. The 2400 Superior follows again the smaller 2000 sister in hull design and engines with a similar hard chine shape below waterline, and twin 825hp of power. Estimated speeds are of 18 knots of max. The project of the 3300 Superior continues Van Der Heijden further size expansion into the Super Yacht market. As it can be seen in the rendering this project continues the modern looks of the Superior range. The 3300 Superior will also feature two and a half decks, featuring a comfortable raised pilot station on top of things, this allowing for an extension of the main deck for entertainment purposes. No speeds, power options, or layout descriptions have been communicated so far.

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