May 5, 2010

News: Menorquin May 2010

With the aim of familiarizing people with the Slow Yachting philosophy the shipyard has produced a series of audiovisual accounts of the Club Menorquin sailor’s personal experiences, some of which can already be seen online. How do the Club Menorquin sailors feel when they are living out their passion for the sea on board their Menorquin vessels? This was the question that has fuelled the Menorquin team to develop this initiative, Slow Yachting Moments, with the purpose of familiarizing people with the sailing philosophy of these boats. Because who better than the sailors of the boats themselves to transmit through their own personal experiences what Slow Yachting is all about? The format consists of a recorded interview with the Club Menorquin yacht owner, characterized with image capsules depicting some of this sailor’s Slow Yachting Moments. “Arrival time”,“Siesta time” and “Walk time” are some of the titles which make up the different audiovisual pieces of the first Slow Yachting Moments. The videos are being made of Menorquin customers from various different countries where the shipyard has a presence.
Llevant d’Es Grau is the name Ramón Galopa, a businessman from Barcelona and Club Menorquin sailor, chose for his Menorquin Yacht 100 Open, the same name as the village where he retires to enjoy his free time and sail whenever his agenda allows it. He is to be the first Slow Yachting Moments protagonist. Ramón Galopa has visited the coast of Menorca, whose beauty he praises highly, since he was fifteen. Since then he has maintained a strong link with this peaceful island which he now visits every month. This Club Menorquin sailor used to own a speed boat before acquiring his MY 100 Open and becoming a Menorquin sailor, over the years he decided to start enjoying the sea at his own pace in the Slow Yachting style. In his video, Galopa admits he is very confident in his boat because the Llevant d’Es Grau’s performance is secure and safe in any sea conditions. Sailing on board his Menorquin is precisely what breaks the pace of the whole week, or the pace of the whole year. These escapes are like a spa, they fill you with happiness comments Ramón Galopa. Slow Yachting Moments is also a Menorquin project with which the shipyard wishes to pay tribute to the loyalty of its customers, and transmit how much the company values the hard work and dedication invested in strengthening day by day the relationship with them.

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