May 19, 2010

Projects: Albatro 60 Tender, Albatro 70

North Italian builder Albatro after launching its 50 Tender Open model back in 2006, and updating it last year as the 50 Tender aims to upgrade its Rib Yacht and Cruiser range with a full line up from 45 to 70 feet. Pictured above is the project for the 60 Tender model which will be available in two different styles. For example you can have the 60 in the HT glass hard top or a Fly version as pictured above. Other options are for the aft deck which is available with a large central sun pad, or two C-shaped settees on the sides. Interior layout have not been communicated, but do accept a performing hull with 40 knots plus of top speeds as Albatro usually delivers this in all its models.
The Albatro 70 will be huge step for this builder which builds its current biggest boat at 50 feet. This 70 aims to put a shorter difference as seen by other boats between what is a rib and a yacht. As all rib over a certain size this term is usually the tubes in the sides and this is usually a full glass fibre boat. Although the tubes do in fact deliver a safety feature not found on a standard solid construction. But apart the nearly full glass fibre construction the above rendering does in fact show many yacht like features with deep side bulwarks, a possibility of C-shaped dinette on the fore deck, and the sports flybridge up top. As for the 60, Albatro has so far not confirmed nothing below but they do show some rendering images which suggest a two large cabins layout. Engine choices are for triple 720hp or quadruple 480hp set up propelled to Italian Jolly surface drives.

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