May 7, 2010

Powerboat GPS - Yalta Powerpole

After much difficulties the 2010 Powerboat P1 season is finally in it's start in Ukraine. It was a first day of testing and later on it was for the usual timed Powerpole. Seas where flat calm in Yalta with what is the fastest time which give the right of line for the winning team.
The ever imposing Belgium team of Furnibo took first in the top P1 Class who follow the winning manners they ended the 2009 year. Italian Metamarine who placed second seems to want to continue and do another nice run this year similar to what they did in 2008. Third for the 2009 Champion SNAV - Kiton OSG Outerlimits boat. Only five seconds divided the first three boats which should wish well for high competition tomorrow. Fifth place for very anticipated Lucas Oil Ilmor powered Vector boat. German Cranefields placed sixth and news run that they blew up an engine in the final part of the timed run. Hope they fix this in time for tomorrow's race. Negative first result for the much awaited home team of Ukrainian Spirit who placed last of the boats finishing the pole, although the over 48 seconds from the first shows an engine problem here. Silverline and the new Fountain 43 V8 powered boat did not manage to start its first Powerpole. Let see if they can copy what Cigarette Smash Poker did in Malta for its first race in the past season, when not competing in the pole it did blew up the competition on race one.
Similar theme to Evolution in the 90 mph speed limited open canopy production category with Belgian and Italian teams succeeding and taking the first places. First place for the 2009 Championship runner-up Baia Attolini, second was the Spirit of Belgium with there new very good looking Nor-Tech 423 boat, and third was Big Sergio Al and Al now driving a new Outerlimits SV40 boat which replaces the Italian Naples built Al and Al Marine 38 Blu Shaft.
Evolution Results:
1. 33 Furnibo = 03:30,86
2. 60 Metamarine = 03:33,54
3. 88 SNAV-Kiton = 03:35,05
4. 01 Carconnex = 03:42,26
5. 77 Lucas Oil Scandinavian Offshore Challenge = 03:45,92
6. 66 Cranefields Wine = 03:53,83
7. 55 Ukrainian Spirit = 04:18,77
- 47 Silverline = DNS
Super Sport Results:
1. 38 Baia Attolini = 04:04,29
2. 17 Spirit of Belgium = 04:04,24
3. 22 Big Sergio = 04:04,73
4. 26 Team 26 = 04:05,82
5. 81 Karelpiu = 04:09,96
- 43 Seagull Chaudron = DNS
- 06 Jolly Drive = DNS

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