March 26, 2010

Project: C.Boat 23-82

After launching its first 27-82 Classic model C.Boat moves ahead by presenting new projects which aim to enrich is range of modern looking steel build motor and super yachts. The second project from C.Boat is the 23-82, which is four meters smaller to the 27 metres launched Super Yacht in 2009, and is also the entry level project of the range. C.Boat 23-82 is a 24 metre over all motor yacht designed by Mauro Corvesieri, and Salvo Parigi responsible for the interior. The concept for the 23-82 follows that of the larger C.Boat with an 8 mm thick steel construction, a Vee shaped full keel hull, and a very angular bow. This design is ideally suited for displacement speeds which allows for half the power of what the usual planning yachts of this size need. With twin 700hp engines, the C23-82 should give a top speed of 13 knots at light load. Interior the C23-82 has a standard three double cabins plus crew layout. An optional four cabin version which will make minus the tender garage aft is available.

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