March 26, 2010

Web: Arturo Stabile New Web Site

Boat builder Arturo Stabile known for the Stama range of Sport Cruisers and Yachts updates its website virtual showroom to a new design. The Stabile family started building and servicing boats long ago in the year 1875. Many years have passed since then and the Stabile's have kept many things in common since its founding, with the most important being the unchanged location in Trapani on the West side of the biggest Mediterranean Italian island of Sicily. Another not changed element of the Stabile business strategy and what formed is business long ago is the servicing and assisting to the commercial fisherman. But today the Stabile family has also made pleasure boating a big part of its business with the building of the Arturo Stabile sport cruisers and yachts range, coupled to the managing of the Marina Arturo Stabile in Trapani also forming important part of the company. Arturo Stabile current model line up features five models from the entry level 28 Stama to the most recently introduced 50 Stama flagship. Arturo Stabile new website is so far available only in Italian language and takes you around with the following buttons: Stabile Boat Yard, Models, Contacts, and Photo Gallery. The Arturo Stabile new website has also logo links to its two other companies which are the Marina Arturo Stabile, and the used boats page.

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