March 1, 2010

New Model: Baia B50 Cinquanta

Baia B50 has been a myth of the eighties, and one of the most successful hulls of the Naples boat builder for that period. Thanks to the good results achieved in competitions like the victory in the Venice Monte Carlo Rally Raid in 1990, where an average speed of 58.5 knots and a top speed of 75 knots were reached the B50 made its success a part of motor boating history and was one of the Baia models which made it become a status symbol brand. Introduced in 1983, the B50 marked an important turning point for Baia production not only for being at the time there biggest hull, but for Don Aronow the American Legend designing the project. Aronow will always be recognized as the boat builder and racer who revolutionized the industry of powerboat racing worldwide. The old B50 also achieved an immediate success getting appreciation even in the difficult US market for its high performances, wonderful comfort expressing the concept of absolute open, and distinctive Baia style combining the pleasure of High Performances with total freedom and enjoyment. The new B50 Cinquanta builds on the past of this regenerated model but adds the extra comfort, keeps the same power, and adds modern innovation. The shipyard has increased the beam by forty centimeters from 4.20 to 4.60 meters, obtaining more comfort to what should be expected from a branded fifteen meter plus Sport Yacht. The old B50 was built to run and live the sea without big consideration of luxury as a priority, today's new version offers high level luxury in a minimal approach with an accommodation plan offering two cabins two heads, and separate crew cabin. The B50 can also be offered fully open, with a central radar arch, or a hard top. Designed by Baia technical department together with Alberto Acenzi the new B50 Cinquanta hull comes with the awareness of hundreds of built boats, tens of successful models and a lot of towing tank experience. The result is a similar to the old B50 roundish deep V hull, with a very narrow bow able to generate a big lift component abaft but fine tuned to allow to get better speed and sea keeping performances. The new B50 is not a restyling, but more a new boat renewal which in its time was unique, whose charming lines of classic opens and high performances remain unchanged, while additional technological and innovative solutions keep on distinguishing as a super fast commuting sport yacht. Powered by three engine choices from MAN 800hp engines, up to the bigger option of 1100hp, and surface drive propulsion the B50 Cinquanta can achieve top speeds in the 50 knots region.
Technical Data:
LOA - 17.1 m (56.9ft)
Beam - 4.65 m
Draft - 0.90 m
Displacement - 21 t wth MAN 1100hp
Fuel Capacity - 2400 l
Water Capacity - 600 l
Accommodation - 4 guest berths in 2 cabins, 1 crew cabin berth.
Max Persons - 12
Engines - 2 x Volvo D14 900hp, Man R6 800hp, MAN V10 1100hp
Propulsion - ASD11, ASD12L Arneson Surface Drives
Speed - 50 knots, 43 knots cruise with Man 1100hp
Construction - SP infusion system with Epoxy resin, and Corecell foam
Project - Alberto Ascenzi, Baia

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