October 19, 2009

Project: Patrone 27 Convertible

Patrone Moreno after launching the 27 Open last Summer presents the project of the 27 Convertible version. Based on the same traditional Gozzo hull of the 27 Open, the Convertible takes a cruiser attitude in looks and most important in comfort. The 27 Convertible therefore will offer better accommodation suited for family cruising and over night stays. Its interior divided between main, and lower deck, now offers an owners cabin to fore, separate shower head, a dining settee and galley. Exterior spaces while not large as the Open version are still good with a sun lounger on the fore deck, and the aft cockpit featuring a bench seat for four ideally suited for a variety of uses from dining to fishing. Power for the 27 Convertible is the same as the Open version with twin Diesel engines up to 225hp, propelled to traditional direct in line shafts.

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