January 15, 2023

Web: Huckins New Web Site

Huckins presents its new World wide web showroom. Still a family owned and managed business Huckins is today operated by the founders grand daughter Cindy Purcell and her husband Buddy Purcell, who before marrying Cindy worked with Huckins from 1971 onwards. Founded in 1928 by 1886 Boston born native Frank Pembroke Huckins in Jacksonville, Florida, starting straight away with an innovative driven focus. Frank came from a family running a Lumberyard business, and shows his innovative spirit, inventing one of the first planning hulls calling it the Quadraconic and with it develops and patents wood lamination methods, what will be called as Fairform Flyers. In the same 1928 year as the founding Huckins delivers his first hull #1 a 42 foot capable of reaching twenty knots with a pair of 125hp diesel engines sold to Goodrich, the tyre manufacturer.  In 1946 Huckins moves to its current location on the Ortega river.  In 1960 Huckins starts the cold moulding building method by starting to use fiberglass sheets over mahogany build hulls and later on covering them with resin.  In December 1968 Huckins launches the largest sportfish yacht of the time the 80 foot Sportman 80 hull #396, which is also the second largest Huckins build to date.  In 1976 Huckins builds the largest cored hull of the time using Airex closed-cell PVC for the Motoryacht 76 custom build yacht.  In 1984 Huckins build the largest outboard powered yacht the Outboard 50 yacht powered by four outboards and reaching speeds up to 33 knots.  This is followed two years later with the launch of Yachtfisherman 78, a 23 meter motor yacht with Arneson surface drives.  Huckins largest build to date was the 1980 launched Sportcruiser 86.  In 1996 Huckins introduces the classic looking semi-production Sportsman, Atlantic, and Ortega 44 models based on the lines of the models from the 1950s.  Today two of these three models are still in production along with the 2020 introduced Sportsman 38, Sportfisherman 44, Wombat 45, and Limwood 56 flagship model.  Huckins website takes you around with the following buttons; New Construction, Pre-Owned, Service and Parts, Company, News, Video, Gallery, and Contact.  Huckins is also on social media with top right buttons taking you to its; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube pages.

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