January 29, 2023

Jan-Eric Nyfelt 19 - 2023

On Saturday, 28 January Baltic Yachts family member, and one of the original founders, Jan-Erik “Janne” Nyfelt had passed away.  Baltic Yachts lost a person that have contributed greatly to what Baltic is today. “Jannes“ career as a boatbuilder started from a very young childhood working in his father small boatbuilding shop. Undoubtedly one of the best ways of learning the practical side of the trade. In addition to his practical yacht building skills, he also wanted to learn more about design, calculations, making line drawings and the theoretical side of creating a boat. He worked, some time, for a local ships engineer and got good insight also into the theoretical side. Janne was involved in the start of Nautor, not as owner but as boatbuilding specialist. He was also one of the five persons starting Baltic Yachts and was a very active member in management and the development of our company until his retirement. Janne legacy to the Finnish boatbuilding industry is invaluable. Janne was a person that had a never-ending energy always intensively involved in many things. Very keen on developing new materials and methods everything that could improve the product. Whatever he got himself involved in he was in with full energy. Janne was a respected member of the Baltic Yachts family over seeing for example the return of hull #one the 46 last Summer he was back at the dock.  Jan-Eric is also closely remembered by the Nyfelt’s family, including those that still work at Baltic which include his son, Kenneth Nyfelt, the sales director.

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