January 16, 2022

Project: Viking 90 Sky Bridge

Like with any of its models Viking proposes different versions on its platform, and so will be the case with its new upcoming 90 flagship model, which will replace I would say temporary the 92 after 21 units delivered.  Unlike the 92, the new 90 will have a load line of less to 24 meters making it abstain to Selective Catalytic Reduction rules which entered force in 2022.  Selective Catalytic Reduction units need further engine room space and redesigned layouts, with Viking being very vocal against the new rules to fit mandatory converters, and working a lot to delay the entry from 2020 to 22. The Viking 90 will offer a six stateroom layout, highlighted with a full beam owners stateroom at midships.  The Sky Bridge project will differ from the other standard Convertible and Enclosed Bridge versions for offering a fully equipped second helm station up top.  The Sky Bridge replaces the full-tower and makes it safer to reach then a Tuna tower helm, with the advantage that a fully fitted helm station can be equipped.  The Viking 90 is scheduled to debut in early 2023.

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