January 15, 2022

Hunga Tonga Tsunami 2022

On 14 January the volcano on the Hunga Tonga uninhabited island, part of the Tongan archipelago in the Southern Pacific ocean erupted.  The eruption created a big Tsunami with waves reaching a height up to fifteen meters, and in this process is reported to have killed three persons, injured a lot of people, and many remain missing.  Hunga Tonga is located about 35 nautical miles North of Tongatapu, but the Tsunami also travelled afar in the Pacific Ocean, and doing damage from New Zealand, to Japan, and as far as South and North America. 
The above picture is taken in a Marina in New Zealand which seemed to be one of the most where boats and yacht sustained damages. In this particular marina some small and medium sized boats also sank, with boaters complaining that no alarm or advise was made.  

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