January 22, 2022

Flybridge Cruiser Burns in Lavagna

A Ferretti flybridge cruiser of twelve meters in length went ablaze while in its mooring in Lavagna marina, to the South East of Genova in Italy at around 1430 hours of 22 January.  A fast call and immediate moving to the Ferretti cruiser from its berth to the under wing of the Eastern Lavagna marina break water caused no damage to any other boats.  With four fire fighting squads, including additional teams from nearby Chiavari and Santa Margherita saved the Ferretti cruiser from going total ablaze and becoming a total loss, with pump assistance saving it from sinking.  The cause of the fire is not reported.
This Ferretti model is the 39 Altura launched in 1989 and produced till 1993 to a design by Antocio Pusceddu, Ferretti first generation designer.  Replacing the 40 Altura which launched in 1986, the Ferretti 39 Altura came on the hull lines of the 40 Roadster an innovative fully enclosed hard-top cruiser which launched a year before in 1988, and was replaced by the 120 Fly in 1993.  The Ferretti 39 Fly featured a standard two cabin interior layout, with an optional three cabin version moving the galley on the main deck, and was powered by twin Cats 380hp, with 1992 or later versions being possible to option with the larger 420hp engines.  A total of 71 hulls are reported to have sold of the Ferretti 39 Fly and 40 Roadster units in a five year production run.  

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