January 13, 2022

Engine: MAN Smart Hybrid

MAN Engines present its Smart Hybrid Experience. This completely new hybrid system marks a turning point when it comes to modern marine drives, and underlines MAN Engines’ status as pioneers in this technology. The electric motor generator unit from the MAN Smart Hybrid Experience can produce a rated power of 184 kW or 368 kW, at an extremely high efficiency rating of up to 96 percent. The permanent-magnet synchronous motor/generator is 160 mm long at 184 kW, or 320 mm at 368 kW. Its diameter is 560 mm. It is positioned on the diesel engine in front of the marine drive and can be separated from the diesel engine by an electromagnetic clutch. This results in a clear advantage for the customer, in that the operating mode can be changed without stopping the engines. In fact, this changeover can be made during operation (including as an emergency function) without interrupting the power, making operation much more convenient. The MAN Smart Hybrid Experience can be combined with all the Man marine engines in the current line from 730hp to 2000hp series, and allows for enhanced power outputs. This enables overall system outputs for each driveline ranging from 474 kW to 1,838 kW (644hp to 2,500hp), from the smallest in-line six-cylinder series to the most powerful V12. Depending on how the components are assembled, the hybrid system can thus account for up to 56 percent of the vehicle’s overall power output. With the MAN Smart Hybrid Experience, MAN Engines is the first engine supplier to offer a complete hybrid system from a single source. MAN Engines supervises shipyards and boat designers from the planning and concept phase through development, consultation on installation and technical implementation including control software, to service and maintenance. This means that B2B partners benefit from more than just intensive consultation and simplified processes throughout all stages. An additional point in MAN Engines’ favour as a system supplier is the perfect coordination of complex components such as diesel engines and electric motors, batteries, power electronics and the on-board voltage system, both with one another and with the application itself. Maximum flexibility and attention to the customer’s needs that is the MAN Smart Hybrid Experience’s motto. Alongside power levels that can be scaled to almost any level thanks to the wide range of diesel engines, the degree of hybrid power can be tailored to the customer and expressed in the system design principles of performance, comfort and efficiency. To achieve this, MAN Engines makes use of a wide range of technically mature series components. All the possible drive configurations such as V-Drive, IV-Drive, parallel drives and down angle can also be connected to the MAN Smart Hybrid Experience. The performance, efficiency and comfort system design principles are tailored to specific applications on the basis of the Zero Emission, Diesel-Electric, Cross-Over, Hotel, Boost and Diesel operating modes. With the main diesel engines, on-board generator sets, high-voltage (HV) batteries and a land connection as power sources, the advantages of the MAN hybrid system (combined or in isolation) can be exploited in a targeted way. This enables, for example, highly economical operation, an increase in range, access to Emission Controlled Areas thanks to emission-free operation, or additional power as a power boost. In hotel mode, the battery capacity can also be used when the boat is docked. The plug-in hybrid’s HV battery is charged via the integrated land connection, and through the diesel engines or on-board generator sets when the boat is on the move. For its MAN Smart Hybrid Experience, MAN Engines uses battery systems from different manufacturers for specific applications, which are connected in series in modules. As high-energy cells, they are designed with a high energy density at a voltage > 600 V, enabling flexible battery operation between 500 V and 750 V in the intermediate circuit. This enables quick charging of the batteries, and provides the basis for major energy consumers such as the boost function. At the same time, the highest safety standards are guaranteed as the drive system has been approved by classification societies.

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