May 1, 2024

Palm Beach Boat Show Challenge

In the last years the Palm Beach boat show has become the third boating exhibition not only of the Florida state but of all the USA, growing in size and offering an interesting offer of debuting new models.  Can the Palm Beach boat show challenge the Fort Lauderdale or Miami boat show in the near future?  Founded in 1985, and distancing fifty miles North to the Fort Lauderdale show and seventy to the Miami exhibition, the Palm Beach boat show has been on a growing spiral in the last decade.  

Palm Beach growing success is helped by the novelties coming from the boat builders.  The 2024 Palm Beach boat show for example was used to debut the new Ocean Alexander 35 Puro and the new Uniesse HTC5P outboard version.  While Aicon, Azimut, Grand Banks, Palm Beach Yachts, and Princess also used the show to present new upcoming projects set to arrive in the coming months and years.  The Palm Beach boat show looks to be mostly getting the attention of the imported yachts, rather then the USA makers, but with the importers becoming more important to the USA market in recent years especially in that fifteen to thirty meter size, it is a good spot light to have.

So let's return to the question, can the Palm Beach boat show challenge the Fort Lauderdale and or Miami boat show in the future?  Currently the Palm Beach show with over fifty thousand of attendees in four days does about half the numbers of the two other shows, so in the near future definitely not.  But due to the important dynamics and market size of the Florida State and USA for the boating and yachting market, the Palm Beach boat show will keep on growing in both its niche of medium to large sized yachts on show, as in visiting numbers, hopefully continuing to offer this in its successful personalized cozy boat show platform.

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