May 25, 2024

Two People Rescued from Sinking Sunseeker 80 Predator

Two people where rescued when a 24 meter Sunseeker sport yacht tilted m/y Atlantis started to take on water three nautical miles off St Augustine Beach, Jacksonville, Florida on 11:37 morning of Saturday 25 May.  US Coast Guard sector Jacksonville responded to the distress call from Atlantis on channel sixteen, with assistance also coming from St. Johns Sherriff Office, St. Augustine Police Department, and St. Johns County Fire and Rescue who also transported one of the persons onboard to the Vilano Boat Ramp and then to a local hospital for minor injuries treatment. The causes of the sinking are under investigation though it is reported that the yacht struck a dredge pipe piling when under way, breaching its hull in the lower bow area with the collision and started to sink.  A navigational warning has been issued as the yacht is apparently still floating submerged, and currently a hazard with the owner instructed to organize a salvage.
M/y Atlantis is a 1999 Sunseeker 80 Predator as designed by Don Shead and John Braithwaite and produced from 1996 to 1999 in 21 units.  When released and for a year the 80 Predator was the Poole builder flagship model, and the largest production yacht build in the United Kingdom.  Sunseeker will replace the 80 Predator with the bit smaller 75 Predator in 1999.

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