May 19, 2024

Seanfinity New Web Site

Seanfinity presents its new web site. Seanfinity is rather young having been founded in 2019 by brothers Vincenzo and Alessio Tuccio both of which are mechanical engineers, and naval architect Gianluca Caputi.  Although young its founders though have decades experience in the sector. The Tuccio brothers founded the Top System in 2005 and in the last decade has been the leader in the selling of surface drives propulsion type systems.  Gianluca Caputi family has on the other hand founded Cantieri Navali dell Golfo in 1982, and in 1996 bought the legendary Italcraft which they will sell in 2006, although Gianluca will remain as the naval architect and technical director till 2010.  Seanfinity debuted with the T4 model in 2019, which was followed by the slightly larger T5 in 2021, and also debuted a Rib range in 2020 which launched with the R4 model in 2020.  Currently Seanfinity offers two ranges of Ribs and Yachts for a total of nine models which start at nine meters with the RS3 and R2 ribs and goes up to the still in project twenty meters T7 model.  In 2021 Seanfinity also showed project for a new Y9 Fastexplorer project, though this model has never been announced officially.  Seanfinity new web site takes you around with the following buttons; Homepage, Models, Dealers, Gallery, and Contact.  Seanfinity is also on social media with top left buttons taking you to its Facebook and Instagram pages.
Production History;
T4 2019- *TS48 project
R4 2021-
T5 2021-
R3 2022-
R2 2023-
RS3 2024-

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