May 9, 2021

Falcon Yachts New Web Site

Falcon Yachts present its new World wide web virtual showroom.  This new website coincides with the relaunching of the brand, with a new ownership, T-Quest Holdings taking over the name in 2019.  Falcon Yachts was founded by Edoardo Spreafico in 1988, when he opens his boat yard in Viareggio and with it launches the Falcon Yachts brand.  But Spreafico entrance into luxury yachting starts in 1968 when he opens the CTM Cielo Terra Mare luxury goods shop in Milan.  In 1970 the Milan office is followed by a new one in Viareggio dedicated to yachting and becoming Versilcraft official dealer.  In 1988 the Canteiri Navali Versilcraft in Viareggio is opened by Spreafico and with it the Falcon Yachts brand is launched.  The idea here is to build the Falcon Yachts brands in the size of sixteen to 23 meters, leaving the yachts larger to this for the Versilcraft brand.  Following increase in demand another establishment is opened in Viareggio in 1992, called Falcon Yachts, while the Versilcraft shipyard is renamed to Cantieri Navali Falcon, this is also marking the separation of the two brands. Falcon Yachts had an incredible success in the nineties and first decade of the new millennium with various semi production super yachts; 82, 86/90, 91/92 series, and 100 models being top sellers in there respective sizes and semi-custom offering. Falcon Yachts will close its doors in 2015, but in 2019 T-Quest Holdings will buy the brand and a new facility in Pisa to cater for production. Falcon Yachts new website takes you around in Italian, English, and Spanish language. 
Production History;
24 1987-88 (3)
80 1992-93 (3)
80S 1993-95 (18)
92 1994-97 (7)
82S 1994-98 (13)
91 1996-98 (2)
100 1996-2005 (25)
86 1999-2009 (28)
106 2001-02 (2)
80 2001-05 (2)
112 2003 (1)
114 2004 (1)
102 2005-08 (8)
90 2006-11 (7)
115 2006-11 (5)

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