May 1, 2021

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Sometimes I wonder if it was not for the Italians where would yachting be.  The Italians have been pushing the envelope in design and engineering in boats since pleasure boating started, and they seem to never stop.  Actually when you think they can't go any further here comes the next break through and again it is from the shoe shaped peninsula.

For the past months we have seen again the Italians push the envelope again, and while some of these may get the stick for being too different they do bring something fresh to yachting design.

A recent fresh revolutionary design comes from the Cetera 60, a new brand founded by Fiart entering into explorer and live aboard segment.  This explorer motor yacht, reinvents cabin space by putting all three cabins on the main deck.  With the top deck serving as lounge dining area.  

Another technical break though comes from Bimax who present a forward looking shaft drive system on an eight and a ten meter sport cruiser.  This system called Eco Drive System apart improving efficiency, also reduces bow angle at lower speeds.  

Sure some reviewer sometimes calls the Italians to much design focused, but really yachting has a big thank you to give to Italy and all the inventions they brought of a lot of stuff which today we take fore granted.   

Extended bathing platform and tender garage by Ferretti in the mid eighties, surface drives and propeller tunnels by Italcraft along with the variable deep Vee hull, full beam midship cabin by Versilcraft in the seventies repicked by Azimut in the late nineties, large windows in cabins by Azimut in late nineties, astern galley again by Ferretti in 2005, integrated windscreen by Pershing in early nineties, and Baia also being the first to use Arnesons trimmable surface drives on a production motor boat. 

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