January 31, 2021

Monthly News - January 2021

-pic of the month- Feadship Solar Powering the Future

Arcadia Yachts Two New Appointments

Arcadia is proud to announce the appointment of two new highly experienced professionals, enriching the team of the Italian yard: Francesco Frediani and Anthony Cioffi.  Francesco Frediani is the new Arcadia Yachts Chief Commercial Officer. He has a strong thirty years experience in sales organization and management in the yachting industry and he has held similar prestigious roles in Twin Disc, Riva and Mangusta.  Francesco Frediani will work, in a first phase of handover, with Maurizio Baldoni, who will maintain his role of Chief Strategy Officer closely working with the shareholders: this is a very important role, especially during this peculiar times we all are living.  Anthony Cioffi, who started his yachting career in 2002 in Ferretti Group, is the new Production Manager. He is part of Salvatore D’Ambrosi team, following in particular all operational activities regarding the production of brand new yachts.

Azimut Wins Motorboat Awards 2021

Azimut Yachts wins another important award, presented at a virtual ceremony on January 19: Azimut S6 is the best Sportscruiser over 40 feet according to the jury of the Motor Boat Awards, presented annually by leading UK magazine Motor Boat & Yachting based on ability, design and value for money in their chosen market place.  The jury, made up of MBY journalists who test drive all the models put forward for awards, was spellbound by the main features of this sporty pure coupe with exteriors by Stefano Righini and interiors by Francesco Guida, which delivers excellent performance at the same time as offering incredibly comfortable and welcoming accommodation.  But then Azimut S6 has continued to be a huge success since its launch at the Cannes Boat Show in 2018. This model in the Azimut Yachts sports range features extensive use of Carbon Tech and a triple Volvo Penta IPS propulsion system, which translates into excellent consumption efficiency and a significant reduction in vibration and noise. The triple propulsion system not only delivers better acceleration, but also superior handling and responsiveness.  The yacht’s other features include exteriors by Righini that highlight the collection’s focus on sportiness: the bow shield combined with the trapezoidal bow and the big rectangular windows in the hull mean the interiors are flooded with light, while the deckhouse’s diamond-shaped glazed surfaces give the yacht an even more distinctive profile. The interiors by Francesco Guida are decorated and furnished with a discreet, modern elegance that is both fresh and refined, while the roomy lower deck offers a comfy night area consisting of a remarkable three cabins and two bathrooms.

Feadship Solar Powering the Future

Feadship’s mission to build pure custom superyachts in the greenest way possible has received a further boost with 420 new solar panels going online at its yard in Makkum. The giant facility, one of four Feadship yards in the Netherlands, has recently opened a second construction hall along with a dedicated helicopter platform.  The solar panels have been placed on the new construction hall, which includes a 112-metre dry dock and was built to the very latest energy standards in terms of consumption and lighting. Generating 180 MWh of electricity a year, equivalent to the annual requirements of 52 households, the energy from the panels will be used to support new-build and refit activities. In addition, the hall’s striking white roof will help keep the facility cool in the summer months.  “This latest investment in Makkum reflects an organisation-wide commitment at Feadship to build yachts in a carbon-neutral manner by 2025,” explains director Sijbrand de Vries. “Every part of the Feadship group is leading the way in reducing the ecological footprint of the superyacht sector as a whole. From the way we build yachts to lifecycle assessment studies aimed at reducing material waste, this philosophy applies to every aspect of our work. Ongoing research into how Feadships can become more sustainable is having a genuine impact.”  The Makkum facility is not alone in augmenting the way it generates energy. The Feadship yard in Aalsmeer had 1500 solar panels installed on its various rooftops in the summer of 2020, and these are now producing some 530 MWh a year. Meanwhile, no less than 2262 solar panels were placed on the new Amsterdam yard prior to its opening in 2019. This facility in the Dutch capital is generating 550 MWh per year as well as showcasing other eco-friendly assets such as district heating and LED lighting.  Sustainability in its widest sense is embedded in the strategy at Feadship. It was a founding member of the Water Revolution Foundation, which recently won the Robb Report’s prestigious Sustainability Award. The Yacht Environmental Transparency Index (YETI) initiated by Feadship is now developing into an industry-wide measurement tool. Feadship’s revolutionary and patented Oxywash technology for exhaust gas treatment is proving an excellent innovation while research into fuel flexibility is offering owners a unique way to future-proof their new Feadship.  Back at the Makkum yard, which celebrated its fifteenth birthday in 2020, the workforce are making optimal use of both the new construction hall and the existing facility, with its 120- metre dry dock. The location is a one hour’s drive from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport or a 20-minute helicopter ride, hence the recent completion of a dedicated helipad which is already proving popular among clients. The facility is likely to benefit soon from the extended width of the nearby lock, offering instant access to the North Sea to the widest Feadships imaginable.

Ferretti Group Publishes Sustainable Report

Ahead of the curve as always, this time on the fundamentally important issue of planet-friendly development, Ferretti Group releases its first sustainability report on corporate operations. The document formally testifies to the Group’s introduction of a virtuous pathway to minimise the environmental impact of its production processes and yachts, promoting better and wider-ranging corporate social responsibility measures.  A materiality analysis has identified the topics with the greatest impact on business activities and the indicators to evaluate them, grouping them in four areas that will be examined each year in ever greater detail and used to measure the environmental and social performance of Ferretti Group: Innovation and luxury yachts, Environmental impact of the production process, Value for the local area, and Human capital.  For Ferretti Group, sustainability starts with the quality and excellence that characterise the yachts it builds. Which is why research and development focus on the use of high performance, sustainable materials and on reducing energy consumption. The wood used in interior design is sourced from certified forests managed according to strict environmental, social and economic standards. The use of carbon fibre significantly reduces hull weight, resulting in yachts that are more efficient and consume less fuel.  The Group is also at the cutting edge of research both into hybrid engines and new technologies that reduce hull weight, as well as into improving the efficiency of shipyard activities. In this sense, ISO 14001 certification of the environmental management systems in place at the La Spezia site is the starting point for integrated management of the environmental impact of all production processes, as is IMO Tier III certification obtained by CRN, the first shipyard in Italy to achieve this milestone, for a 62-metre megayacht. Also worthy of mention is the installation of the Ancona trigeneration plant to produce clean electric power, heating and cooling.  Other fundamental aspects are in the social sphere and include impact on the local area and the entire supply chain and the central importance of human capital. Over 85% of Ferretti Group’s supply chain, which employs a total of more than 2,500 workers, is based in Italy and over 75% of the total economic value generated is distributed in the country. This contributes to job creation and the growth of the ecosystem of small and medium enterprises, including craft businesses, with which the Group has for years had a history of virtuous collaboration. This collaboration allows Group suppliers to develop specific processes and know-how and operate on global markets, so generating development and innovation.  As a result of all the measures introduced, including complete sanitisation of the production process right through to delivery, Ferretti Group has obtained RINA Biosafety Trust Certification, the first voluntary certification to prevent and control infections, protecting over 1,500 workers as well as customers. Finally, the Group has taken out an insurance policy covering all employees and providing protection in the event they test positive for the virus. The policy, which has been renewed for 2021 too, is joined by another initiative to distribute 1,500 pulse oximeters to employees. The pulse oximeter project was developed with the advice of Professor Luca Richeldi, Head of Pneumology at Rome’s Policlinico Gemelli hospital and a member of the Scientific Technical Committee, who back in March, with Ferretti Group, defined the healthcare plan introduced to tackle the most critical phase of the pandemic.  “If we want to continue to grow steadily as a market leader, it is essential to address the economic, environmental and social impacts produced by our activities on the local areas where we operate. Successful sales efforts must go hand in hand with corporate responsibility,” commented Ferretti Group CEO Alberto Galassi. “In recent years, Ferretti Group has reported rapid growth and development, bringing beauty and innovation to the marine industry. We work with many different stakeholders and their sustainability needs and expectations are important in defining the measures we introduce from day to day to manage and mitigate the impact of our growth strategies. For this reason, and to testify to our corporate responsibility, we have decided to embark on a formal process that has led to the preparation of our first Sustainability Report. A first for Ferretti Group and a first for the Italian marine industry.”

Horizon Ranks Seventh in Global Order Book

As 2020 has come to an end, the yacht market intelligence analysts at Boat International Media have released the 2021 Global Order Book. This year, of the 179 active superyacht yards around the world, Horizon Yachts ranks as the world’s 7th largest builder in terms of yacht length. With 25 projects over 80 feet currently in build and totalling 2,366 feet (721 meters) in length, Horizon continues its steady stream of production, with both owned and speculative builds underway.  The popularity of the yard’s high-volume Fast Displacement (FD) Series of yachts and capability for extensive customization has led to the sale of 29 FD Series yachts from 75 to 102 feet and the creation of seven FD Series yacht models in just over four years.

Pershing Winner at Motorboat Awards 2021

Innovative design paired with pioneering aesthetics and state of the art technology are always winning factors, resulting not only in the commercial success of extraordinary boats, but also the enthusiastic appreciation from yachting experts. This is confirmed by an important new award that gets a year packed with many challenges. Last January 19, Pershing triumphed at the prestigious “Motor Boat Awards 2021”, judged by a panel of experts and boat testers on the basis of innovative features, technical parameters and style.  At the virtual prize-giving ceremony, Pershing 8X triumphed in the “Custom Yachts” category, based on meticulous performance tests and sea trials.  25.55 metres long (about 83 feet) and 5.86 metres wide (about 19 feet), Pershing 8X is the result of the collaboration between Fulvio De Simoni, and the Ferretti Group’s Product Strategy Committee led by Mr. Piero Ferrari, and the Group Engineering Department. Built from carbon fibre to be lighter, faster and with lower consumption, Pershing 8X has sleek, sporty lines, underscored by classic Pershing features like the impressive side wings and the aerodynamic profile of the sun deck. The result is a sport-fly yacht that brings together the very highest standards of quality and innovation with unparalleled flair.  On-board comfort is also remarkable, not least because of the many benefits offered by the system that integrates propulsion control with the manoeuvring, navigation and monitoring systems. With this model, “piloting” a Pershing even at high speed and without the support of a captain, is an entertaining and exciting experience.  The Motor Boat Awards are organised by Motor Boat & Yachting and sponsored by Side-Power. The winning boats are judged exclusively on the basis of their design, capabilities and performance.  With this major award, Pershing again confirms it’s standing as a unique brand admired all over the world, thanks to the innovative design and technology that is increasingly imprinted in its DNA.

Riviera Record Number of Apprentices in 2021

Riviera has welcomed a record intake of new apprentices for a second consecutive year as the company heads into 2021 with the largest future orders in the company’s 41 years of operation.  A total of 41 new apprentices joined the Riviera team at the company’s Gold Coast boatbuilding facility this week following an extensive recruitment program during the year. Riviera welcomed 33 new apprentices this time last year.  The latest intake has increased apprentices working with the 600-strong team to 89.  Riviera’s Safety and Training Manager, Adam Houlahan, said more apprentices were being recruited to meet continued growth.  “The apprentice program at Riviera is an important part of our commitment to developing the master craftsmen and women of the future,” said Mr Houlahan.  “Each of our apprentices receives intensive training to create world-class luxury motor yachts.”  The benefits of a record apprentice recruitment over consecutive years will be felt in years to come for Riviera once the carefully selected recruits have achieved certified qualifications in their respective trades.  Riviera has an outstanding retention rate in its apprenticeship program, adding to the extensive skills of the team in all areas of boatbuilding.  More than 300 apprentices have now graduated from the Riviera program since its inception almost 30 years ago and many are still part of the company’s team of qualified and highly awarded craftspeople.  “Developing skills for the future plays an important role in not only Riviera’s manufacturing growth, but more broadly in the future of the Australian-based marine industry,” said Riviera owner Rodney Longhurst.  “We have a proud history of training and enhancing the skills of our team and that has allowed us to create luxury motor yachts that are recognised the world over for their quality, luxury and engineering excellence.”  Many of the new apprentices for 2021 have been selected through Riviera’s ongoing relationship with schools across the south-east Queensland and northern NSW region.  “Last year, we expanded this area to include more schools, giving graduates an opportunity to consider a rewarding career in the marine industry,” said Mr Houlahan.  In conjunction with their skills training, all Riviera apprentices are required to undertake the Propel program introduced by the company to enhance their development.  Through Propel, apprentices are taught skills in leadership, communications, relationships and personal finance under the guidance of senior management, including Mr Longhurst and Riviera CEO Wes Moxey.  Riviera has entered 2021 with the largest future orders in the company’s history for luxury motor yachts spanning 21 models across Riviera’s SUV, Open Flybridge, Enclosed Flybridge, Sport Yacht and Sports Motor Yacht collections.  Riviera exports more than 55 per cent of the motor yachts it builds though an extensive network of representatives in The Americas, Europe and Australasia.

Silent Yachts New Advisory Board Member 

Silent-Yachts has strengthened the team. Jochen Rudat joined Silent-Yachts advisory board. He has over 10 years’ experience at Tesla, the most valuable car company in the world and was also a direct report to Elon Musk. Recently, Jochen Rudat was Central Europe Director at Tesla. "We are very happy to welcome Jochen in the team," said Michael K√∂hler, founder and CEO of Silent-Yachts. "Next to the fact that Jochen shares the same passion and enthusiasm for the electric future as we do, the knowledge and experience he brings to the table will be valuable for Silent-yachts to successfully master Silent-Yachts future plans and challenges." Silent-Yachts is one of the most active players on the solar electric luxury catamarans market in the world. The company currently has 10 yachts under construction at shipyards in Thailand and Italy. "I see the same transition happening in the yachting industry as in the automotive industry," commented Jochen Rudat. "Since Silent-Yachts clearly is the leading pioneer of this change, I am eager to provide my support and advise on their further path. As the initiating catalyst for a more sustainable future in luxury yachting, we want to continue drive innovation towards the right direction. I see a lot of parallels between Tesla and Silent-Yachts such as their commitment of creating a solar powered catamaran from scratch by starting off with a white canvas and a bold vision. With this in mind, I understand and agree why Silent-Yachts has being labelled by media as the Tesla of the Seas".

Tankoa Begins Due Diligence for the Acquisition of Cantieri di Pisa

Tankoa has begun the administrative process of acquiring the 76-year-old Cantieri di Pisa shipyard. Founded in 1945 on the river Arno, the Tuscan shipyard became famous for its planing motoryachts, such as the Akhir and Kitalpha series designed by Pierluigi Spadolini. The acquisition of Cantieri di Pisa allows us to expand the production potential of Tankoa in Genova, but also resurrect a prestigious brand with innovative new products from 30 to 45 metres.  “We trust that the technical and administrative procedures will have a positive outcome over the next few weeks so that we can begin work to gradually reintegrate resources and become operational,” says Vincenzo Poerio, CEO of Tankoa “We would also like to thank Mayor Michele Conti and engineer Salvatore Pisano for their support and assistance in establishing our industrial plan.”  Following the launch of 50-metre Olokun and the sale of the hull#4, Tankoa currently has another 50-metre hull in build on speculation in Genoa (hull#5).

Tiara Consolidates Brand

S2 Yachts is pleased to announce the consolidation of their Tiara brands (Tiara Yachts and Tiara Sport) under the Tiara Yachts banner. While this shift brings an outward and visible change to the Tiara Yachts brand, the form and functionality of every product built by S2 Yachts is ultimately, and will continue to be, Tiara. “The definitions of Yacht and Sport have evolved since the inception of Tiara Sport in 2017. Sport has shifted and blended from vessels meant to be enjoyed for the day to vessels that can be enjoyed for longer trips and with more people, similar to what we see in our Yacht products. Our outboard products continued to grow in length and scope, which was not necessarily something we envisioned when we started Tiara Sport,” states CEO and President Tom Slikkers. “Ultimately, our brand families were more alike than they were different. Those shifts, paired with our desires to streamline resources and focus, led us to this change.” “Although this is a directional shift for our company, this change will allow us to simplify and build momentum on both our inboard and outboard products. We’re excited to welcome 2021 with this branding shift and we’re looking forward to a great year, working with our dealer partners and customers to bring their boating dreams to reality,” said Dave O’Connell, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Our customers can still expect the exceptional level of service and high end products from us, no matter what logo is on your vessel. Every single person in our organization continues to work diligently to bring the very best products to market, creating great experiences and memories for our customers,” Slikkers said. The Tiara Yachts branding transition kicks off with the launch of the 48 LS, the first outboard powered model under the Tiara Yachts name. Social zones, a key area of focus in every LS model, allow for guests to choose their preferred relaxation zone. Below deck you’ll find accommodations for four as well as a private head. The 48 LS will make its debut at Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo, Florida at a Customer VIP Event beginning February 17th.

Viking VIP Show

The Viking and Valhalla VIP Boat Show has been nothing less than spectacular. The week kicked off with pre-show sea trials on the new V-46 center console. Media runs began at the crack of dawn and continued till the sun went down, all with rave reviews. Show doors opened at noon on Thursday to a parade of VIP boating enthusiasts. Center consoles, convertibles, open and enclosed bridge boats were all on display. The line-up included the award-winning 54 Convertible, the Viking 68 demo, the 46 Billfish and the 80 Sky Bridge. In addition, a host of preferred vendors offered a multitude of goods and services to complement any boating experience. 

Viking Therapy Dog

Viking has a new am-Bassador! Milo, a Bassett Labrador mix (Bassador) was adopted four months ago and has begun training to become a certified therapy dog in Viking's Health Services Department. Currently in Canine Good Citizen schooling, fun-loving Milo has big shoes to fill as his older sister Bridgette is entering therapy dog retirement after 10 years on the job. Milo is already easing stress and bringing smiles to employees. “He’s exhibiting signs of being a smart and attentive pooch,” says Health Services team member Billeny Padula. "We just need to refocus his cotton ball fixation!"

Viking Winner Circle

Captain Trey Claus led his Team HMY anglers to a 2nd Place win in the recent Operation Sailfish. Fishing aboard the Viking 54 Convertible, they released six sails on Day 1 and a pair on Day 2. Operation Sailfish is Leg 1of the highly-touted Quest for the Crest Sailfish Series.

Viking Going for Gold

Dale Creamer released six sailfish to claim Top Overall Angler at the recent Gold Cup Team Fishing Tournament. He also took the Top Dead Bait Angler and Chairman’s Award for best hook-up ratio in the tournament. His Viking 72 Ditch Digger finished in 2nd Place Overall with 13 lucky releases. The Viking 52 Miss Annie was the 2nd Place Live Bait team and weighed both the Top Dolphin and Tuna.

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