August 19, 2018

Web: Austin Parker New Web Site

Austin Parker from Italy presents its new World wide web virtual showroom. Founded in 1998, Austin Parker has been among the first in Italy to concentrate on building traditional down East lobster looking cruisers. This formula has been a success for the brand in its early years. Ten years after its founding and in 2008 Austin Parker gets purchased by a group of Italian businessman all with a long standing interest and experience in the pleasure boating sector.  This new venture takes Austin Parker to present a new more forward looking strategy focusing to a cross over style of a traditional down East lobster boat to that of the Italian Mediterranean cruiser and bringing onboard renowned Italian marine designer Fulvio De Simoni, who will design all the second generation models from 2009 onward. The first second generation Fulvio de Simoni designed Austin Parker was the 42 Open launched in 2009, and was followed by the 42 Sport, this mixing traditional lobster looks with those of a classic Mediterranean open cruiser.  Austin Parker currently offers a total of seven models which start with the 36 Open and go up to the 72 Fly, and has two further projects; the 74 Fly and that for the AP35 new outboard powered entry level of the range. The latest Austin Parker models launched in 2017 are the 44 Sedan and 48 Sportfly, with a new 48 Sundeck set to launch in 2018.  Austin Parker new website is available in Italian and English language and takes you around with the following buttons: Yachts, Projects, Shipyard, Sales Network, Pre-Owned, News and Events, Press Room, and Contacts. A button for each of the seven models is also featured in the entrance page.  Austin Parker is also found on social media hubs; Facebook, Google Plus, YouTube, Instagram, and Linkedin with button links located on the left button corner of each page.

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