February 1, 2021

It's Still A Storm

It is still a storm, a rather rough one yet in it all this boating keeps taking it well and beyond expectations.  Some might have expected that with Vaccinations rolling out at the end of 2020, 2021 would have been a big jump to freedom and a return to the normal World.  One month later to all this it has been a roller coaster ride, with delayed vaccine production and distribution, and Covid-19 variants taking news headlines.   

Covid-19 keeps showing us that it still commanding our lives, and after a delay, Dusseldorf boat show has been cancelled.  If it was not for Genoa and Fort Lauderdale at the end of 2020, we would have had no boat shows to really talk about, in the last months.  

In all this here comes the silver lining, but shows that the boating industry is still doing well, and after we heard the news that 60% of super yachts above 24 meters production for 2021 is sold last month, now we hear that Boston Whaler announced that it is going to boost production by 50%.  In all this Boston Whaler is taking the Brunswick production facility at Palm Coast, previously of Sea Ray and unused since 2018. 

So it is a storm and it will still be, give and take up until the end of 2021, but boating unlike what was in 2009 and beyond recession it is taking it so far really well.  Might be something of a case study, but boating is still doing well mostly because it is a passion, a hobby which represents Freedom.  Freedom which this virus has taken from us.

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