January 1, 2021

blogger - 2020 has Passed

The year 2020 has ended and here we are at the start of 2021.  2020 was a year marked by the Covid-19 pandemic, something which humanity has not seen like since a hundred years.  The last pandemic of such a scale was the Spanish Flu which started February 1918 and ended April 1920, leaving up to one hundred million deaths in its 26 months.

Considering all, Covid-19 was not as bad to yachting as some might have thought.  Brokerage used boat sales seem to have been the most beneficiary of all this, possibly due to the social distance boating has as its main merit.  As Covid-19 first wave started to get under control at the end of Spring boats starting to sell really strong especially at the lower budget side of things sub 200,000 Euros.  

This left a positive result as the sale of used boats always helps the industry. it is the best catalyst of it all.  Even when the nautical industry had the booming leasing years of 2004-8 it suffered after this of five to ten years in cleaning stock of used boats, which unfortunately yards and dealers tend to over price to move new boats.

Looking at 2021 it will be all about consolidation.  As expected new boat sales did not grow in 2020 but have been kept stable with sales being similar to those of 2019.  For boat builders if performance for 2021 is as good as 2019 and the year before that many will be happy.  24 meters plus size is looking healthy with most yards having over 50% of order book year 2021 sold.  Sub to this it will be very much seasonal, with sales in the Western World picking up in late Spring more so this year with most fall and Winter boat shows having been cancelled or postponed.  

Onward 2021, hoping that with the rolling of the vaccines which started in December Covid-19 will be a thing of the past and part of our History.

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