January 1, 2021

Best of 2020

2020 was a year marked by the Covid-19 pandemic, something which humanity has not seen like since a hundred years.  The last pandemic of such a scale was the Spanish Flu which started February 1918 and ended April 1920, leaving up to one hundred million deaths in its 26 months.  Covid-19 was not as bad to yachting as some might have thought though.  Brokerage used boat sales have benefitted the most of all this, possibly due to the social distance boating has as its main merit.  As Covid-19 first wave started to get under control at the end of Spring boats starting to sell strong especially at the lower budget side of things.  Onwards with the best of 2020.  

Poweryachts's 2020 best is the Cantiere delle Marche Flexplorer 40m. Since founded in 2010 Cantiere delle Marche has become the address to build custom or semi-custom explorer super yachts sub fifty meters, and this new Flexplorer 40m designed by Paszkowski shows why CDM is at the forefront of these type of yachts.  That large commercial type A-frame crane which hides in the aft deck floor is pure genius to say the least.

The others.

Azimut Magellano 25 Metri. For nine years we thought that a Magellano over 24 meters will never come.  This all changed when Azimut announced the project of this 25 Metri in 2018, which with its raised pilot house looks different to the previous smaller Magellano's. 

Bertram 50 Hardtop. The American Eagle makes its first large express yacht over fifty feet ever.  It can come fully open, or as an open hard-top, and fully enclosed hard-top with or without patio door.

Invictus TT460. A turning point for Invictus which have arrived to this beautiful, distinctive yet modern fourteen meter flagship.  With Christian Grande designing all the models since the founding in 2015 it was an announced success from the start. 

Mazu 82. A future classic which disregards time that's what Mazu new 82 flagship model is all about.  A super yacht of 24 meters which transmits Mazu distinctive design language without breaking the rules of what a sport yacht should be. 

Prestige X70. Garroni and Prestige come very innovative in this new X Prestige model and range which looks and is different.  Wide body, forward looking windscreen, are all unusual features, in all this giving one of the most spacious aft decks for a flybridge yacht in this size.

Sundeck 430 S. Walk around central console are in abundance nowadays, but this new 430 S reinvents itself in the genre, in its very own Sundeck way.  It has this exterior with a very utilitarian look which does not forget a comfortable two double cabins below deck. 

Tornado T-Rib 48. Tornado has build most of its fortunes on the copy-paste 38 model launched in the eighties.  This Tornado-Rib, sees the Italian famed builder challenge this, without forgetting its roots and pedigree of efficiency and high performance.

Uniesse Exuma HTC5. Uniesse which since 2017 is under American ownership, presents its second model, the Exuma 5, what is the 48 Open presented in 1996 updated for current times.  

Space unusual. Princess X95. When one looks at the Pininfarina designed X95 which is possibly one of Princess most awaited models ever, I cannot really understand its purpose and what its want to be.  Step aboard and one starts to understands that it is all about the unbelievable space to be found in a 29 meter super yacht. 

PowerYacht wishes to all its followers, friends, readers, and visitors a Healthy and Prosperous 2021 year.

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