October 1, 2019

blogger - Open Sterns a Devolution in Evolution

Looking at new boats at the boat-shows in the sport cruiser segment and those who want to cater for chase boats to a super yacht and a villa, or as a fast day boat, the open stern layout especially from European boat builders is the vigor nowadays.  This feature not only interested one boat but many boats in this category.  
So my question is rather a simple one, who is certifying these boats nowadays, as the open stern used so much today while looking plush cool and nice in a boat show and when moored in a marina, many time is a very dangerous affair when a boat is moving.  
Some time ago, eighties and nineties up until the CE rule was introduced in 1997 Rina rules regulation stated a bathing platform to be thirty centimeters or more above the water for following sea safety, and cockpit water draining needed a time frame to get certified.  Nowadays it seems we are looking the opposite way in these open stern sport cruiser / chase boats with little thought on safety and what happens in the water.  So how did we go from stricter standards to a CE ruling which seems to have very regards to navigational safety with the exception of the helm station.
So lets say many of these boats are catered for the Med.  Now in reality this 970,000 squared miles sea does know how to kick a punch as any of the big oceans.  I asked a question many times which was the worst sea you ever encountered to a ship captain and many times the reply might be that the most challenging sea they ever found was actually somewhere in the Mediterranean sea.

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