October 7, 2019

Out-News = New Westport Super Yacht Crashes Into Dock

A brand new Westport 38 meter super yacht made the headline news in Port Angeles Boat Haven, on Monday 7th October the 161 ton yacht kept on going into a fuel dock, and a floating pontoon, damaging other six boats in the process.  No persons where injured in the accident.  The Westport 125 super yacht was doing final preparations for the Fort Lauderdale 2019 boat show being held at the end of this month, with a delivery occurring after the show.  This Westport 125 was being fully managed by the builders staff including the captain, and while no official news of the causes have been advised the video show the boat continue engaging forward, which would imply a defect to the electronic throttle system.
The Westport 125 is the latest model to come from the USA British Columbia, Port Angeles boat builder, and was officially launched in 2016.  The Westport 125 is a semi wide body raised pilot house, and accommodates ten guests in five cabins, with five crew berths in three cabins, and is powered by twin MTU 2600hp engines, with max speeds up to 25 knots and a cruise of twenty knots. Westport has so far build eight 125 units.

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