October 8, 2017

Botnia Targa New Web Site

Botnia Targa from Finland presents its new World wide web showroom.  Botnia Targa was founded 1976 by Johan and Britt-Marie Carpelan with boat production starting in 1977 with an employment of ten persons, and the Malax production site in South Vasa.  Production site will expand twice over the years with Botnia purchasing the Sunwind 4000 sqm yard in Nykarleby in 1997 and a facility expansion happening again in 2006.  Botnia employments have also risen over time reaching the one hundred mark in 2000, and two hundred plus in 2007. The first boat models that Botnia builds are an H-series sail boat and the 23 launch type, both stating production in 1977.  The 23 will eventually sell 650 units in a fourteen years production run lasting till 1991, this beaten by the H-boat in 2003 when it builds the 1000 hull, and stopping at number 1005 of the same year. In 1984 Botnia does a big break through for its future when buying production rights of the Targa series and 25 model.  The second Targa model will come five years later with the 29  presented in 1989.  The Botnia Targa will continue to expand ever since with new models launching each other year and producing the 1000 Targa model in 2003.  During the nineties period Botnia Targa also wins important contracts over Europe and beyond; 1996 it supplies Police boats to both Norway and Finnish authorities, 1997 the London Metropolitan police and taxi sight seeing boats in Greenland.  Botnia Targa has also won numerous prices over the years; 1999 Targa 30 model wins Motorboat of the Show at the Helsinki boat show, 2003 Targa 27.1 wins Motorboat of the Show at the Stockholm Scandinavian boat show, 2005 Targa 42 Motorboat of the Show, 2007 Targa 31 Motorboat of the Year by Motorboat and Yachting and Motorboat Monthly in the Wheelhouse and Walkaround class, with the Targa 44 and Targa 32 again winning the same award in 2009 and 2012 respectively.  Today Botnia Targa offers a range of eight models which start with the 23.1 and go up to the 44 flagship model.  Botnia newest model is the 30.1 launched in the second half of 2016.  Botnia Targa new website takes you around with the following buttons; Boats, The Pioneer, Boatshows, News, Store, and Contact.  
Production History;
23 1977-91 (650)
Targa 25 1984-93
Targa 29 1989-96
Targa 27 1991-2002 (200+-)
Targa 23 1992-2006
Targa 25 Mk.II 1994-2004
Targa 33 1995-98
Targa 30/31 1997/2000-01  
Targa 37 1998-
Targa 35 1999-
Targa 31 Mk.II 2002-10
Targa 27.1 2003-17 (400+-)
Targa 25.1 2005-
Targa 42 2005-12
Targa 23.1 2007-
Targa 44 2007-
Targa 32 2011-
Targa 30.1 2016-
Targa 46 2017-
Targa 27.2 2018-
Targa 41 2024-

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