October 2, 2017

Project: Tuccoli T440 HT

Tuccoli is back and fortunately it restarts where it left, by building sport-fisherman with a cruising vocation.  Tuccoli first new steps are a redevelopment of the 2005 launched T410 in this new T440 HT.  The project for the T440 improves important elements of the 410, we see the must have for the sport-fisherman aft mezzanine settee, new stylish hull side windows, and a redesigned interior now offering a four plus one sleeping accommodation in two cabins and an open cabin.  Power for the T440 HT will come from standard 480 up to 670hp optional twin engines with an on line shaft propulsion.  As usual Tuccoli speaks a lot of the sea keeping qualities of its boats with a dry and seaworthy T440 HT being an important element of the project.  As this is out the Tuccoli T440 HT hull one is undergoing its first sea trials after presentation at the Genoa boat show.  We await the first official pictures.

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